Prosperous on the Bosphorus - NRG appoints Turkish Distributor

Prosperous on the Bosphorus – NRG appoints Turkish Distributor

Prosperous on the Bosphorus – NRG appoints Turkish Distributor

NRG Marine, the UK-based manufacturer of Sonihull ultrasonic anti-fouling systems, has appointed Bulutlu Marine as its distributor in Turkey.

“We are delighted to have appointed Bulutlu Marine as our distributer for Turkey,” says Darren Rowlands, Commercial Director of NRG Marine. “They are fantastically positioned in Tuzla and have a wealth of contacts and experience in this very buoyant market.”

Bulutlu Marine is situated in the famous Tuzla shipyard district, southeast of Istanbul at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus strait, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Bulutlu Marine is ideally located for the maintenance and refit of commercial ships operating between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Sonihull joins an established stable of industry brands that Bulutlu Marine already represents in the region, including: Centa, CMT, Fernstrum, Straub and Weka.

“We were introduced to NRG Marine by two respected marine businesses and we are delighted to be involved with such good products,” said Cem Bulutlu, Managing Director of Bulutlu Marine. “There is no better time for our partnership with NRG Marine, in an era when the anti-fouling industry is striving to be more environmentally friendly.”

Sonihull systems use ultrasonic pulses to prevent waterborne organisms colonising solid surfaces that are exposed to raw sea water or raw fresh water. Sonihull is born from the commercial marine market’s demand for a cleaner, more cost-effective way to protect multiple areas and devices against bio-fouling.

Unlike impressed-current systems, which rely on the electrolytic release of poisonous metallic ions to make the water un-inhabitable, Sonihull systems do not require any drilling or specialist current-isolation when installed. There are also no expensive sacrificial anodes to replace so, the resulting poisonous metallic compounds are not released back into the environment.

“Owners and operators who fit Sonihull systems to protect box cooler installations can expect a reduction in Capex and lifetime maintenance costs of up to 95% when compared to impressed current systems,” said Dominic Findlow, Technical Director of NRG Marine.