RS Vareo Inland Championship at Tata Steel SC Regatta 29-30 April 2017

RS Vareo Inland Championship at Tata Steel SC Regatta 29-30 April 2017

RS Vareo Magic Marine Grand Prix Event Number One 

Race One:   The wind was building through the race.  Cheryl Wood started well but went too far left allowing Luke Fisher to take a small lead on the pack at the windward mark.  Nick Crickmore gybed off from the rear of the pack and caught a gust left downwind bringing him in to the bottom gate ahead.  In lap two Luke took the lead back to windward but then Nick gradually pulled away from the rest.  The race finished with Nick in first and Luke second.  Kevin Weatherhad who is lightest in the fleet found the going tough but managed to steal a place from Alan Bassett on lap three.  The Race Officer did not shorten until lap four.  Nick first, Luke second, Cheryl third, Alan fourth and Kevin fifth.

The fleet went ashore for lunch.  This was included in the bargain entry fee of £15.  The Race Officer took the fleet’s advice to continue with long races for the afternoon.

Race Two:  The wind was steadily strong.  Cheryl put up a stronger challenge competing with Luke for the lap on lap one.  There was additional starting competitor who retired after one lap.  The wind remained strong and Kevin called a day after lap three.  Nick gradually fought his way up the fleet to join Luke and Alan and managed to get part Cheryl.  So Luke first, Nick second, Alan third and Cheryl fourth.

Race Three:   It was a close race between the four remaining competitors for most of the way round.  On lap one Nick had the lead from Alan, followed by Cheryl then Luke.  On lap two it was Alan, Nick, Luke then Cheryl.  On lap three Luke found the switch and Nick caught a crab so it was Luke, Alan, Cheryl then Nick.  On lap four Nick recovered by sailing around the edges nearly catching Luke when he rode a big puff down to the last gate.  He was not so quick charging upwind to the finish so it was Luke, Nick, Alan then Cheryl.

At the end of day one the results were Luke in first with 2,1,1, Nick second with 1,2,2, Alan third with 4, 3, 3, Cheryl fourth with 3, 4, 4, Kevin fifth with 5, Rtd, DNS.  RS Vareo 245 who joined in then retired from race two is a mystery.

Day two saw the wind increasing and it was decided by the fleet ashore that two races would be enough to sort out the winner.

Race four saw the fleet of now four all start together.  First to the windward mark with a comfortable lead over the fleet was Cheryl wood choosing to play safe with no spinnaker on the downwind leg followed by Alan Bassett.  Back down the fleet Nick Crickmore and Luke Fisher chose to retire as the wind was picking up.  This left only Cheryl and Alan on the water to battle out the last race.

In race five both boats reached the windward mark together.  By the time both boats reached the leeward mark there was a difference of course up the beat.  Cheryl saw that going left was the best option and she broke away.  A quick dry capsize by Cheryl gave Alan the chance to catch up. But it was too late and he had to watch Cheryl comfortably win the race.  This gave her the RS Vareo Inland Championship.

The RS Vareo fleet would like to thank Tata Steel Sailing club for all their hospitality onshore and providing us with a great weekend of racing.  We look forward to returning in the future. 

See you all at the next RS Vareo Magic Marine Grand Prix event which is South Cerney SC Asymmetric Open on 27 May.  All the information is here: http://www.rsvareo.org/index.asp?selection=Events&uid=1511&fleet=RS%20Vareo&detailevent=1

Report by Nick Crickmore (day one) and Cheryl Wood (day two)

Image JJR East