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Pearns Point to Sponsor Round Antigua Race and Antigua Sailing Week Green Team

Pearns Point to Sponsor Round Antigua Race and Antigua Sailing Week Green Team

Antigua Sailing Week is delighted to announce Pearns Point as the official sponsor of the Round Antigua Race for 2015 as well as a Development Sponsor of Antigua Sailing Week through Pearns Point’s parent company Orange Limited.  The Pearns Point Round Antigua Race will take place exactly one month from today, on Saturday, April 25.

Located on the stunning west coast of Antigua, Pearns Point is a 137-acre peninsula with 8 pristine beaches and panoramic views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. As a luxury development there are 67 plots alongside a 5-star branded boutique hotel. Ideally situated for a private residential community, its peninsula form ensures unrivalled security yet maintains convenient accessibility. The development has great appeal to boat owners and enthusiasts due to its close proximity to Jolly Harbour Marina.

Competitors of the Pearns Point Round Antigua Race will get a magnificent view of Pearns Point as they sail past between the Sandy and Jolly marks of the course on the leeward side of Antigua and entrants, including the MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo^3, will be visible to spectators from Pearns Point as they challenge the course record.

Albert Hartog, Chairman of Orange Limited said: ‘We are delighted to be a sponsor of Antigua Sailing Week. It continues to be the most important event which raises awareness throughout the world of Antigua as a vacation and residential destination for holiday makers and investors year round. We are ready to make significant announcements about the Pearns Point development and it therefore makes sense that we would partner with Antigua Sailing Week on destination promotions.’

As part of its overall strategy Orange Limited has been working hard on its sustainability strategy. ‘Renewable energy and planning our development with residential and vacation homes which will utilize natural resources and minimize power requirements as much as is feasible is critical’, continues Hartog. It is because of the importance of their own environmental objectives that Orange Limited feels very strongly about supporting the Green Team.

The Green Team for Antigua Sailing Week 2015 is part of the strategy being deployed by the event organisers, with the assistance of Sailors for the Sea and Antigua’s Environmental Awareness Group, to deliver a ‘Clean Regatta’. Commercial Director of Antigua Sailing Week, Alison Sly-Adams says: “Delivery of the Green Team is not only about recycling and waste management, but about supporting a zero waste initiative and raising awareness about the impact of everything we do on our oceans and ultimately our livelihoods. This means concentrating on reducing single use plastics as much as possible and actively seeking alternatives to many of the plastics historically used in the event among other strategies.  She continues:  ‘The objective of Sailors for the Sea is to leverage events to deliver new habits and lead environmental change and we are delighted that Orange Limited is investing in the event and the Green Team and therefore in our ability to deliver on some of our environmental objectives.”

As part of the Green Team initiative, every competitor will receive an aluminum re-usable water bottle and will be offered free refills of ‘Antigua Sky Juice’ using a UV filtration system that provides safe and pure drinking water at very low cost. Refills will be available from Antigua Yacht Club before and after racing daily.

The Pearns Point Round Antigua takes place on Saturday 25th April 2015 and is open to all boats whether racing in Antigua Sailing Week or just wishing to race for one day. Thirty-eight boats have already entered and prizes will be awarded for best monohull elapsed time, best multihull elapsed time, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall on corrected time, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class.

To enter and for more information about Antigua Sailing Week and the Pearns Point Round Antigua Race visit

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