Magic Marine RS Aero UK Inland Championship 2015 & UK Series Round 4

Magic Marine RS Aero UK Inland Championship 2015 & UK Series Round 4

Magic Marine RS Aero UK Inland Championship 2015 & UK Series Round 4

The Magic Marine RS Aero UK Inland Championship 2015 & UK Series Round 4 took place at Bowmoor Sailing Club on Saturday 9th October 2015. It was a dull overcast day which started with a very light breeze which grew to 10knts gusting 14.

We had 7 RS Aero 5s, 13 RS Aero 7s 16 RS Aero 9s and 3 RS Terras a total of 39 boats from 25 different Sailing Clubs.

The RS Aero 9s were the first fleet away followed by a combined start for the 7s and the 5s with the RS Terras being the last fleet to start. Dave Cherril (Broadwater) went into the lead which he held to the finish followed by Al Keck (Bowmoor) with Dave Lynall (Bowmoor) working his way up from 6 th place at end of the first lap to finish 3rd.  For the 7s Mark Carleton (Papercourt) with Richard Guy (Papercourt) and Peter Townsend (Chelmarsh) swapping places With Richard finishing 2nd and Peter in 3rd. For the 5s Mathew Caiger (Sevenoaks School) went into the led and stayed there followed by Cathy Bartram (Chew Valley) and Hilary Ross(Chew Valley). For the start of the second race the wind changed direction just as they started and there was a general recall.

The sequence continued with the 7s and 5s starting with Peter in the lead followed by Mark and then Kent Martin (Ogston) and maintained these positions at the end. Mathew again led the 5s followed by Lucy Greenwood (New Hall School) and Cathy.

When the 9s eventually got away Dave went to the front and stayed there followed by Al and Richard Watsham (Starcross).

We then all went in for lunch and when we returned to the lake the wind had increased so there was a change of course and Al Keck got a superb Port end Flyer and stayed in front until the end with Andrew Snell (ARMSA) in Second followed by Dave.

For the7s John Harvey (Thornbury) was second with Adrian Snell (Papercourt) 3rd. The 5s was won by Mathew, followed by Cathy and then Charlie. For the final 9 race Al quickly got to the front and stayed there with Dave again moving up from 6th to 2nd followed by Matt Thurfield (Chelmarsh).

For the 7s Mark again led the way with Peter moving up from 4th to 2nd followed by Adrian. For the 5s Mathew led the fleet followed by Lucy and Caitlin Aitkin (Alton Water).

Many thanks to Neil Crosby and his team for a very well run event. Additional pictures should appear on our Facebook page in the very near future, full results are on the Bowmoor website, Racing, Open Meetings.

RS Aero 9

  • 1st Al Keck Bowmoor
  • 2nd David Lynall Bowmoor
  • 3rd David Cherrill Broadwater
  • 5th Harry Joyce Bowmoor
  • 12th Alastair Stagg Bowmoor

RS Aero 7

  • 1st Mark Carleton Papercourt
  • 2nd Peter Townend Chelmarsh
  • 3rd John Harvey Thornbury
  • 8th Doug Roberts Bowmoor

RS Aero 5

  • 1st Mathew Caiger Seven Oaks School
  • 2nd Cathy Bartram Chew Valley
  • 3rd Lucy Greenwood New Hall School

RS Terra

  • 1st Matt Evans Great Moor
  • 2nd Kate Warmby Royal Lymington
  • 3rd Natasha Tustin Bowmoor

Report: Doug Roberts

Image: Derrick Page