Alex Thomson backs new Canadian offshore sailing team – seeking to make history in the Vendée Globe.

Alex Thomson backs new Canadian offshore sailing team – seeking to make history in the Vendée Globe.

The newly formed Canada Ocean Racing Team,  will compete in the solo, non-stop round the world race, the Vendée Globe, with Scott Shawyer at the helm. With the ambition to become the first Canadian to complete the pinnacle event in offshore sailing, with Alex’s backing, Shawyer aims to make history.

Alex said, “When I met Scott, I knew that together we could continue my goal of taking this incredible sport to a wider international audience. I am delighted that together we are launching the newly founded, Canada Ocean Racing team. The Vendée Globe and solo offshore sailing has been such an important part of my life and is so much more than a sport. It inspires and engages so many people, and I think to bring the sport to a relatively new market like Canada will help to continue the growth and internationalisation of the sport. Scott has all the raw ingredients required to sail solo around the world, and together with his business experience, drive, and commitment, we are going to create a long term and meaningful campaign, and hopefully have some fun on the way.”

The new IMOCA team aims to lead and inspire the development of offshore sailing in Canada, continuing to promote the internationalisation of the Vendée Globe, a cause Alex has always been passionate about.

The Alex Thomson Racing Team are supporting the campaign, utilising their 20 years of industry experience, their team of professionals are supporting across technical operations as well as commercial, marketing and communications and all shore-side logistics.

Excited about the project Shawyer said “I know that taking on the Vendée Globe will be the biggest challenge of my life. I’ve joined forces with one of the best in the business, Alex Thomson, and like him, I have always been competitive and driven. With the launch of Canada Ocean Racing, we have three clear objectives: to become the first Canadian to complete the Vendée Globe, to develop the sport of offshore sailing within Canada, and to build a successful business in the sport. We are a proud and adventurous nation and it’s time for Canada to compete on the world stage in singlehanded offshore sailing”.

Shawyer and the Canada Ocean Racing team have recently began training as they prepare to compete in the IMOCA Globe Series, a series of offshore races including solo and double handed transatlantic crossings, leading to the pinnacle event, the Vendée Globe in 2028. With the mentorship of Thomson, who has competed in 5 Vendée Globe races, including two podiums and numerous world records, Shawyer’s team will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to run a successful professional sports team.

For updates and to follow the team’s race program, please follow the team on their social media channels:
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