YachtCloud adds specialised yacht drones to range

YachtCloud adds specialised yacht drones to range

YachtCloud, specialists in delivering innovative and unique technology products and services for superyachts, has extended its product portfolio with a range of high-end underwater and aerial drones. The move to expand the product range with third party products which perfectly align with YachtCloud’s innovative vision and high standards reflects the company’s continued development and dedication to finding products and solutions which use technology to meet yacht-specific demands.

Robust, powerful and innovative, the PowerEye and the PowerRay offer cutting edge technology and immersive experiences to venture beyond and capture the world around you from every perspective. These impressive drones are designed to operate in marine and extreme environments ensuring the can match up to even the most adventurous of yacht crew and owners. With a dedicated webshop (www.yachtdrones.eu) for the online sale of the drones, YachtCloud has the exclusive resell rights for these Powervision products within the yachting industry.

The PowerEye is a foldable, lightweight and easy to carry high performance compact aerial drone. Featuring one user operation, unrivalled endurance, 10m obstacle detection and high-tech performance this a must- have yacht drone set to revolutionise how you capture and engage with the world and views around you. Further features include 3x zoom lens mode, 30 minute flight time, 5km video stream, dual video streaming and combined thermo and vision camera attachment with hotswap whilst airborne. The PowerEye can also be used to hand deliver items to guests out on the water, tender or private island without intrusion.

The PowerRay is a submersible drone enabling you to capture aqua fun, dive sites, fishing spots, explore and inspect, all without getting your toes wet. With a 30m depth capacity, this powerful 4K video and photography platform allows you to truly immerse in the underwater world. It features VR control, 4 hour battery life, 3D display and 1080P real time streaming as well as app alerts for underwater temperature, depth, landscape and fish. Whether used to playback footage from an in-water perspective of watersports, explorations and the day’s destinations or for more practical applications such as seeking out the best fishing spots for the ultimate catch, uncovering key dive areas before guests take the plunge or to inspect submerged areas of your yacht, the PowerRay is a must-have for any yacht.

“Our focus remains on finding and providing technology products and solutions that meet actual onboard demands. The PowerRay and PowerEye fulfil this goal perfectly in terms quality, technology and applications. We are delighted to welcome them to our product range,” says Roel van der Zwet, YachtCloud’s Commercial Manager.

Find out more at www.yachtcloud.eu