Wave International introduces Wave MiniBOSS

Wave International introduces Wave MiniBOSS

Wave International introduces Wave MiniBOSS

Wave International is pleased to announce the official launch of its oil water filter separator, MiniBOSS, at Seawork International 2017, on Stand PG117.

MiniBOSS is a small, lightweight, low cost and easy to maintain oil water separator. The certified bilge filter system provides effective control and prevention of oily bilge water discharge. The Wave MiniBOSS separators use two Wavestream WS-C3 cartridges to attain the high efficiency and holding capacity required to meet these requirements set by the IMO. 

MiniBOSS meets the Marine Pollution (MARPOL) requirements as stipulated by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).107(49) certification. Through co-operation with Recovered Energy Inc, the Wave MiniBOSS has been developed and fully tested at 15ppm and 5pmm levels, gaining certification from the US Coast Guard to meet the International Marine Organisation (IMO) Resolution. The guidelines stipulate that all shipboard oily water separator (OWS) achieve clean bilge water under 15 ppm of type C oil or heavily emulsified oil, and any other contaminates that may be found.

Wave International Managing Director, Paul Gullett, comments on the launch of MiniBOSS, saying, “During development the Wavestream cartridges were found to be the best option for the oil removal phase, giving excellent performance. Wave MiniBOSS now gives us an exciting new product, enabling us to expand into larger boat and ship sectors.” 

Wavestream is a compact filter that is easily installed between the bilge pump and outlet. It removes all traces of oil or pollution from the bile discharge water. The entire Wavestream range has been awarded the Lloyd’s Register Type Approval, providing clear and independent verification of its effectiveness and suitability for use on all sea going vessels. The Wavestream systems are also recognised by leading Port State Control authorities and, now within the Wave MiniBOSS separator, also by the IMO.

For more information, please contact: Wave International at info@waveinternational.co.uk Tel. +44 (0)1476 861717 Fax. +44 (0)1476 861817 or visit the website www.wavestream.co.uk

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