The art of sound: New innovation at METS from JL Audio

The art of sound: New innovation at METS from JL Audio

The art of sound: New innovation at METS from JL Audio

Stand: 11.632, US Pavilion

JL Audio UK, the European distributor for the USA’s leading marine audio manufacturer JL Audio Marine, will be demonstrating the pure magic and crystal clear sound of its latest state of the art marine audio systems at this year’s Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS). The JL Audio Marine range of speakers, amplifiers and sub-woofers are unrivalled in the marine industry, providing an extraordinary depth and clarity of sound that can only be compared with the best quality home audio systems.

JL Audio Marine equipment has been specifically developed and extensively tested to withstand the harsh effects of the marine environment, including salt water and UV exposure, providing high quality audio solutions for the luxury yacht, motoryacht, sportsboat and RIB market.

Two new products will make their debut at the show, the MHX 280 4-channel amplifier from JL Audio’s new range of compact marine amplifiers and the new weatherproof MBT-RX Bluetooth® receiver.

The MHX280 amplifier has been designed for use on smaller craft such as RIB’s where it is often not possible to keep the amplifier away from moisture. Housed in a very small, cast aluminium chassis, the JL Audio MHX 280/4 is just W220mm x H45mm x D78.5mm allowing them to be installed in tight spaces. Each amplifier is IPX6 water resistant and controls are protected behind a watertight cover.

It is the quality that really sets these amplifiers apart with an impressively strong and clean power and outstanding fidelity from the same Nex D™ Class D technology used in the larger JL Audio amplifiers. The MHX 280/4 is a 4 channel system delivering a clean 4 x 50 watts into 4 ohms.

JL Audio’s new compact, durable and weather-resistant MBT-RX Bluetooth® receiver fits most audio systems and will provide any typical amplifier with A2DP (v3.0) audio streaming from the user’s smartphone/ Bluetooth® device. Once installed, the MBT-RX allows users to control audio playback and volume directly from their connected Bluetooth® device. The receiver’s stereo type outputs connect directly to an amplifier with line-level inputs as a sole audio supplier.

After the initial quick and simple pairing procedure, the MBT-RX will continue to automatically reconnect with the corresponding device for convenience. Suitable for use with JL Audio’s M-series, MHD and MHX ranges of amplifiers or any source unit with an auxiliary input, the MBT-RX is by far the easiest way to add Bluetooth® audio streaming to almost any audio system, allowing you to conveniently play music wirelessly without having to return to your vessel’s source unit to make adjustments.

Since their introduction to Europe, JL Audio Marine audio systems are increasingly being fitted by many leading European boatbuilders on some of the world’s finest yachts. Yacht designers and owners have all been mesmerised by the amazing depth and clarity of sound and recent partnerships with Princess Motor Yacht Sales, Pascoe International, Wahoo RIBS and the soon to be launched SS18 Glider Superyacht, providing a solid endorsement of the quality of the products.

Distributed throughout Europe by JL Audio UK, the JL Audio Marine range of products provide a level of sound quality and robust construction not previously experienced in the marine market.

Further information can be found at, where you can also listen to a specially curated playlist demonstrating the enhanced sound of JL Audio Marine products.