SIMY unveils My-AIS, The smallest marine emergency beacon in the world

SIMY unveils My-AIS, The smallest marine emergency beacon in the world

SIMY® launches My-AIS™(*), the world’s smallest marine distress beacon. 

Maritime safety has been dramatically increased since the emergence of AIS-MOB emergency beacons used by sea professionals.

By sending a distress message using AIS local network, AIS-MOB beacons are today the smartest and fastest way to send a local alert, being GPS-located and rescued by nearby vessels within radio range (5 to 10 nautical miles).

With SIMY My-AIS fitted into your lifejacket, save up to 100 € per beacon and offer to everyone aboard a true safety ally.

SIMY aims at providing the most inexpensive and the most advanced high-tech products for your outdoor activities, on land and at sea.

SIMY My-AIS is 2 to 4 times more compact than other comparable beacons and has 7 years battery life. My-AIS has been designed with care by SYRLINKS in France, one of the world leaders in miniaturization of space radio communication devices.

SIMY® is the brand name of SYRLINKS’ safety products marketed on

UNEQUALLED COMPACTNESS: 2 to 4 times smaller than competing beacons

COST-EFFECTIVE & FOR ALL: Save up 100€ per beacon

Quality design & manufacturing: Designed & produced in France

Compactness: My-AIS fits into all lifejackets 

Most distress beacons are large and can interfere with the movements of those who wear them. They are generally used very little by amateur or occasional boaters. My-AIS is smaller than a cell phone (11x4x2 cm) and very light (95g), it will be discreet and quickly forgotten once inserted into the user’s vest. 

SIMY: safety at sea for all

The United Kingdom boating market currently covers 256 coastal ports and 229 inland ports. Growth in the yachting sector increased by 3.4% in 2017 with the east and south of the United Kingdom representing the heart of the market. My-AIS makes safety at sea accessible to all at an affordable price. This type of beacon is no longer only reserved for insiders or sea professionals.

At sea, mutual assistance prevails in case of distress

Once activated, My-AIS transmits the GPS position of the shipwrecked by VHF waves. Ships or coast stations within radio range (5 to 10 nautical miles) will instantly know their distress situation and GPS position. They can then intervene as quickly and efficiently as possible to rescue the shipwrecked.

Real-time location of ships with an AIS receiver (global coverage) / source: 

My-AIS is available for sales on the SIMY merchant website for 199€: 

My-AIS technical characteristics:

  • Fast and precise GPS signal (72 channels)
  • Norms and Certifications: ETSI EN303098 V.1.2.1; IEC61108-1; RTCM11901.1
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +55°C
  • Long range radio antenna
  • Flash LED signal
  • Frequencies: AIS1 161.975 MHz, AIS2 162.025 MHz
  • Waterproofness: IP67

About SIMY

Simy® is the trademark registered for all consumer safety products by Syrlinks. Simy has miniaturised, improved performance and generalised the use of emergency beacons, now used by professionals or enthusiasts. With Simy, the safety of people at sea or on land is made easy and accessible to all. For more information:


SYRLINKS, based in Cesson-Sévigné, France, designs state-of-the-art technologies in the field of human safety and space communications. SYRLINKS manufactures robust, miniature and high-performance products for all its customers around the world. Today, its products are deployed on board of several hundred of satellites and used in numerous space missions such as Rosetta and its little Robot Philae who went to explore the Comet Tchoury in the confines of our solar system.

For more information about Syrlinks: