Ocean Safety’s new Adjustable Jackstays

Ocean Safety’s new Adjustable Jackstays

Jackstays, those important lines which run either side of the length of a yacht enabling a crew member to move up and down in safety while attached to a harness, have traditionally often been difficult to fit and locate onboard

New for 2019, Ocean Safety have introduced a new and flexible approach to fitting jackstays, eliminating the need to customise pre-measured stays to be the right length for the boat.  Ocean Safety Jackstays are looped at either end so they can be simply hitched to cleats or eyes fore and aft along the deck.  The 25mm Ocean Safety Jackstay is available in 8, 12 and 16 metre lengths, from which they can be adjusted to the exact length required.  The tough UV resistant webbing features a Kevlar coating along the edges which offers increased durability, whilst the retro-reflective strip enables night time visibility. The adjustment buckle is sleeved in neoprene to protect the decks.

The white Jackstays can be purchased as part of Ocean Safety’s charter safety pack or individually from chandleries.

RRP including VAT
Adjustable Jackstay 8m   £84.99
Adjustable jackstay 12m   £112.99
Adjustable jackstay 16m  £139.99

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