New Remote Docking Solution Offering Incredible Value – Dockmate® RED

New Remote Docking Solution Offering Incredible Value – Dockmate® RED

Dockmate®, manufacturer of advanced wireless remote-control systems for yachts, announced today a new remote docking solution offering exceptional value for boaters – Dockmate RED.

Developed as a more affordable solution for boats with the most common analogue controls of engines and thrusters, Dockmate RED is offered in SINGLE or TWIN configurations. It comes pre-configured with analogue idle speed engine modules and on/off thruster modules with an optional anchor control module.

“While our industry-leading remote docking systems are packed with the most advanced features on the market like SoftDocking and Throttle+, some boaters don’t need this robust functionality,” said Dirk Illegems, president, Dockmate. “Shorthanded cruisers that are looking for an easy-to-use solution that lets them step away from the helm for a better vantage point or a free hand to toss lines, will love the simplicity of Dockmate RED. It is streamlined to give users exactly the features they need at an appealing lower price of €4000 (excl. taxes).”

Measuring 70x150x40 mm, Dockmate RED weighs a mere 150 grams and has a range of 50 meters. The durable remote is IP67 waterproof rated, ideal for the harsh marine environment and its battery life lasts long enough for up to 15 docking maneuvers of approximately 10 minutes each before recharging.

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