New Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000 from Mastervolt

New Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000 from Mastervolt

New Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000 from Mastervolt

New design of pure sine wave inverter allows the building of autonomous electrical systems in excess of 3 kW

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based pioneer of market-leading electrical systems, is proud to introduce the Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000. This independent sine wave inverter allows customers to have continuous, high quality and ‘spike free’ AC power ‘from the wall socket’ where no or intermittent grid power is available. The 24/4000 does this by converting power stored locally in batteries into clean, dependable AC voltage.

Greater flexibility

This model is intended for systems with higher power needs, and is part of an extension at the upper end of the existing range of Mass sine wave inverters. If you are running high-draw items such as air conditioning, large volume pumps and electric motors, then the MSU 24/4000 will allow you to design a system that can meet these demands whilst also providing a smooth, uninterrupted supply for delicate equipment such as computers, TVs and stereos.  

Adding a Mass Sine Ultra into a system leaves the battery-charging regime totally open. This offers total flexibility in the use of any type of energy source, including renewables, off-grid generators and AC hook-ups. The MSU 24/4000 is also the first sine wave inverter to allow parallel and 3-phase configuration for outputs from 4 kW to 40 kW, with dual frequency of 50/60 Hz.

Kind to batteries

Mastervolt has always spearheaded the highest quality in autonomous systems, so has once again applied the latest technology in power electronics and digital control in this new model. This has resulted in near-silent operation, and the delivery of perfect sine wave quality in all possible conditions. This includes the starting of heavy equipment and running on low batteries, ensuring that the batteries are used in an optimal way to guarantee a longer cycle life.

Ease of installation

As with all Mastervolt equipment, ease of installation is a high priority, so the rugged chassis has been designed to operate efficiently in a hot engine/technical room (40∞ C) with simple one-cable connection via MasterBus to a ship-wide monitoring and smart management system. The MSU 24/4000 is remarkably compact and lightweight, and is competitively priced to offer far more watts per euro than any Mastervolt sine wave inverter.

For customers who want to build and use a large autonomous power system, the MSU 24/4000 will be a major asset.

Recommended retail price: £1,944.00 excluding VAT.

Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000 – Technical specifications –

  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 4000 W power output at 40∞ C
  • 7000 W peak power
  • 230 V (adjustable) AC voltage
  • Dual frequency 50/60 Hz
  • 15 kg weight
  • 472x318x178 mm dimensions
  • IP23 protection
  • Parallel configuration (10 devices to 40 kW)
  • 3 phase configuration (9 devices, to 36 kW)
  • HF V6 silent technology for high efficiency and low stand-by use
  • MasterBus communication
  • Professional connections

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