Navily anchorage app

Navily launches new capabilities for the perfect anchorage

Navily launches new capabilities for the perfect anchorage

Navily, the social cruising guide for boaters who want to find the perfect anchorage, is relaunching its mobile application with a host of new features to make it easier, and safer, to cruise with confidence.  

The application has undergone a complete design overhaul and has updated features that include a first-of-its-kind weather protection scoring feature and a new booking system with direct messaging system to marinas. Navily has also announced that it is scrapping its booking fees and introducing a Premium service in the coming months, that will have additional features such as the ability to access information offline and advanced weather forecasts.  

Edouard Fiess, CEO & Co founder of Navily, commented: “Just like choosing a hotel or a place to eat, nothing beats a peer review when it comes to finding the best place to drop anchor. Our ever-growing community of sailors and their personal reviews help to take the stress out of finding the best spot, so they can concentrate on enjoying their time on the water. The upgrades to our platform will make this easier than ever.

“One of the key updates to the app is the Protection Scoring, that incorporates weather forecasts to provide up-to-date information on anchorages. Boaters often need to switch between different applications to get the right anchorage information – for example an app like Navily and a weather app – but this feature will allow them to access all the information they need in one place.”

By combining weather forecasts and protection data, Navily is able to give a protection score on each anchorage, that is updated every 3 hours. The system analyses the swell and wind predictions (including speed, height, angle, and bursts) and compares it to the protection offered at the anchorage to create a score. For example, at 6pm an anchorage may have a score of 88% but by 9pm it reduces to 63% because the wind’s angle is due to change. This allows boaters to make more informed decisions on where to drop anchor for the night.  

Other key updates to Navily include:

  • Weather forecast: The app will now show a three-hour weather forecast on anchorages and marinas.
  • New booking system: The marina booking system has been entirely revamped, allowing more flexibility when deciding on the duration of stay for users. They will also be able to communicate with marinas easily via the messaging feature. 
  • No booking fee

Navily will also launch its first ever premium service in the coming months, which has a host of additional features and services. These include:

  • Offline mode: this gives the user the ability to save online information about anchorages and marinas.
  • Weather forecast: Premium users will be able to see a 72-hour weather forecast, compared to real-time and the three-hour forecast available on the free platform. 
  • Navily Premium will be offered at €9.90 a year.

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