NautiBuoy launches X-Shade

NautiBuoy launches X-Shade

NautiBuoy Marine recently launched a pioneering new product – a specially-designed parasol and stand for the range of NautiBuoy platforms, the X-Shade – at METSTRADE, Amsterdam, last month.

Designed in response to customer demand for shade on the hugely popular DAME award winning NautiBuoy Marine platforms. The X-Shade attaches to the platform with a grip, which uses a unique and innovative combination of high air pressure and marine grade engineering to sturdily hold it in place. It is incredibly versatile, giving you the shade you need in the right location.

Nina Anderson, Co-Founder of NautiBuoy Marine, comments, “In response to consumer demand for shade on our platforms, we set out to design what has become the X-Shade. The biggest challenge to overcome was creating a robust stand that could attach both simply and easily to our inflatable platforms. If you think that on land most parasols have a heavy base, this was quite tricky to design on an inflatable! We’re really pleased that through extensive research, development and testing we have managed to design a highly functional, robust and exciting new product!” 

This ingenious addition to the NautiBuoy Marine range works in conjunction with all existing NautiBuoy Marine platforms and is available in a variety of sizes. The X-Shade is launching now for advanced orders to be delivered in May 2020.