Mastervolt introduces upgraded Mass Combi range, and extends Mass Combi Ultra range

Mastervolt introduces upgraded Mass Combi range, and extends Mass Combi Ultra range

As market leaders in off grid power systems, Mastervolt is proud to announce it has improved its range of Mass Combi inverter/chargers. The new models are built upon the proven reliability of the existing Mass Combi line up, yet now with increased performance returning lower overall costs per Watt. There is also now a greater choice in the range of Mass Combi Ultra models as well.

Power Assist

As the name suggests, the rugged chassis ‘combines’ an intelligent 3-step+ battery charger with a silent inverter. Pure sine wave technology prevents possible damage to sensitive equipment such as AC adapters, whilst an intelligent transfer system with separate AC outputs offers the possibility to separate critical loads, such as refrigerators and computers from heavy loads, such as water heaters.

An extreme peak power rating ensures trouble-free operation of high current loads such as air conditioners without power dips or flickering. The Power Assist feature included in the Mass Combi, provides additional power from the battery in order to feed power hungry appliances in situations where only limited power from a generator or utility connection is available.

Dual Chargers 

The Mass Combi range comes with an intelligent, 3-step+charger that delivers the fastest charging times possible whilst promoting a long lifespan of the batteries. For starter batteries, a secondary charger is integrated. The units come with professional connections for quick installation and maximum reliability.

Remote Control and MasterBus Bundles

The new Mass Combi’s are available in bundles with the choice of MasterBus or Inverter Charge Controller (ICC) and AC Power Controller (ACP), and all attractively priced.

Mass Combi Range – Main Specifications

  • 1600 W, 1800 W, 2200 W and 2600 W models
  • 12 V and 24 V versions
  • Intelligent 3-step+-battery charger with low DC ripple ensure fast charging times and long battery life 
  • Dual AC outputs to separate critical equipment from heavy loads 
  • Charge two individual battery banks simultaneously
  • Power Assist: power assistance from the batteries when grid or genset power is limited 
  • Parallel function (2200 and 2600 W)
  • E-marked and CE approved

New 12 V Ultra Model

At the top end of the Mass Combi range, the 4000 W models have been replaced by the Ultra series, which now includes a new 12 V 12/3000-150 model. According to Mastervolt, the pricing structure is more competitive than ever before.

Powerful, Complete and Versatile

Typical of the Ultra series, the 12/3000-150 also offers a compact inverter and charger with a smart transfer system, as well as a MPPT solar charge regulator and a second battery charger in a single, robust chassis. Offering full charging current and full inverting power in ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C, the Mass Combi Ultra is unique in its class. There is seamless switching between the onboard generator and the mains grid, along with Power Assist, parallel and 3-phase operation. 

The new unit is quiet to run, providing up to 50% of the charging current or inverter capacity without fan cooling. This is especially ideal for night time operation; when little power is consumed. 

Advanced Technology

The Ultra series HF V6 silent technology for high efficiency and low stand-by use, making your batteries live for longer. The unique maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology provides up to 30% more charging current compared to conventional solar chargers.

Built-In Secondary Charger

Whilst delivering 3000 W of pure sine wave energy, and providing a 150 A battery charger, the new 12 V Ultra model also has a built-in 10 A charger to simultaneously charge an engine start battery. Lightning fast switching between the mains power, generator and inverter means that sensitive equipment won’t have the power interrupted, thus preventing a sudden shut down.


The new Ultra 12/3000-150 can be connected to a MasterBus system without any additional hardware, so the monitoring values can be easily read. 

The new 12/3000-150 is a worthy addition to the new, streamlined Mass Combi and Mass Combi Ultra range, offering greater versatility than ever before in a world now far more reliant on stable, spike-free and high power off-grid power supplies.

Mass Combi Ultra 12/3000-150 – Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Size: 472mm x 318mm x 178mm
  • Charger: 150 A
  • Secondary charger: 10 A
  • Inputs: 4
  • Inverter technology: HF V6 silent technology
  • Inverter output: 3,000 W Pure Sine Wave
  • Solar regulator: MPPT 
  • Installation: IP23 – Engine/technical room
  • Full power up to 40 °C
  • Dual frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz 
  • CE approved and E-marked

Recommended Retail Pricing

Retail prices range from £1,162.50 for the Mass Combi 12/1600-60 up to £2,412.50 for the Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (excluding VAT).