IMOCA 60s choose GORI Propellers

IMOCA 60s choose GORI Propellers

Of the 33 starters in the Vendee Globe 2020-21, 29 of the boats were equipped with a GORI Race Propeller, with 90% of all IMOCAs built since 2021 selecting them, and here’s why.

Sailing is a sport of finesse, it’s where multiple individual elements combine for peace, tranquillity, precision, speed, and manoeuvrability. If one element is missing or not quite in a line then the pieces of the puzzle, simply do not work.

Sailors and particularly those who race and compete for records focus on the most intricate detail to achieve their optimum VMG. To accomplish this, they are looking for minimal drag and this is where a GORI Racing Propeller comes into its own.

The GORI Racing Propeller is a 2-blade propeller specifically designed for the Whitbread Round the World Races in the 90s, it was a propeller designed and built for speed and now with an impressive track record to prove its success.

Its intricate design, aqua dynamic shape and ingenious folding mechanism provide the competitive sailor with absolute minimal drag below the waterline whilst having maximum effect when under power.

Already in 2021, the GORI Racing Propeller has an impressive portfolio of titles and records helping sailors achieve their goals.

“The GORI Racing Propeller is a popular choice especially within the IMOCA and ULTIM racing trimarans,” comments Lars Østergaard, Vice President Sales for GORI Propellers. “I like to take this opportunity to congratulate Yannick Bestaven and the crews of PowerPlay and Maserati on their achievements so far this year, at GORI Propeller we look forward to following them throughout the season.”

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