eSail Sailing Simulator all set to wow a new generation of sailing fans

eSail Sailing Simulator all set to wow a new generation of sailing fans

eSail Sailing Simulator all set to wow a new generation of sailing fans

Officially launched today at a hands-on live presentation at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, eSail® Sailing Simulator teaches you how to sail a 36′ sailing yacht, explore the sea around a collection of islands and take part in challenges and races.

eSail Sailing Simulator has been developed over the past three and a half years by Chris Baldwin who has a background in software development, marketing and satellite imagery. He has produced an attractive and easy to use sailing simulator for PC and Apple Mac that offers training and challenges to appeal to sailors at all levels.

  • Beginners will learn all the basics including raising the sails, tacking, gybing, reefing, mooring and anchoring, whilst the more expert sailor can use the Quick Start tutorial, then dive straight into the Challenges.
  • Ideal for learning – “Quite simply this is the most technically accurate sailing simulator I have experienced. Excellent A*” SIM UK.
  • eSail is the only simulator to include a ‘paper’ chart module which enables a course to be plotted using dividers and other charting tools.
  • Unique anchoring and mooring capabilities.
  • Attracting a young audience – a timely initiative to boost the future of sailing.
  • An ideal Christmas present for sailing enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.
  • Available on the Steam platform at an Early Access price of £14.99.

Learn to sail – ‘virtually’

eSail Sailing Simulator has been designed to fill the gap between theory and practical training. Books, training manuals, classroom-based or online courses are all essential tools, but nothing can beat being out on the water. However, for many people, the opportunity to actually go sailing comes only once or twice a year.

With the launch of eSail there is now an easy way of learning, practising and refreshing skills in a virtual environment, working hand-in-hand with shore-based and practical courses.

  • eSail has 20 tutorials including a complete sailing course – ‘Learn Yachting with eSail’.
  • Sailing skills such as reefing, mooring, charting and anchoring are featured together with more in-depth tutorials on sail twist and sail depth.
  • Skills can be practised with challenges such as races, treasure hunts and steering challenges.
  • Can be used in sailing classes by qualified instructors.
  • Enjoy sailing, exploring + taking part in challenges

In ‘Live Sailing’ mode you are subject to continually changing weather and sea conditions as you sail around the islands, finding points of interest such as the wreck of the Princess Zara.

In this mode your position is always saved, so you can continue your journey over weeks or even years. Sail for an hour or two then moor up or anchor in a deserted bay. The following day listen to the weather forecast before raising your sails, or carefully reefing them!

Jump out of ‘Live Sailing’ mode and enjoy one of the many challenges available including ‘Know Your Boat’, ‘Bear Island Race’, ‘Little Venice Treasure Hunt’ (sail through canals), ‘Collision Avoidance’ and ‘Passage Planning’ exercises.

System requirements – eSail V1.3

Operating system
Windows 7, MacOS Sierra or above (64bit).
2.0 Ghz
Windows – Intel HD Graphics (dedicated video card recommended). DirectX 9.0.
Mac – dedicated video card.
Storage (disk space)
650 MB

eSail ® is a registered trademark.