Dometic STIIC now connects six on-board Dometic systems

Dometic STIIC now connects six on-board Dometic systems

Dometic STIIC now connects six on-board Dometic systems

Boat owners can interact with and control Dometic systems including water purification equipment, icemakers, premium chiller control panels, variable capacity chillers, refrigeration and climate control systems

Dometic Marine has announced that Dometic STIIC – the mobile-enabled Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control – now connects six on-board Dometic systems, including water purification, Eskimo ice machines, premium chillers, the VARC48 variable capacity chiller, refrigeration and climate control equipment.

STIIC, first unveiled in 2014, is revolutionary user-friendly software that allows boat owners, or their captains or technicians, to monitor all of a vessel’s Dometic systems from one location, such as a car or office, via mobile phone, tablet or computer. STIIC can be used to check a system’s status, change settings, turn it on, turn it off, or diagnose a problem.

At this year’s International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), Dometic will provide discussion on STIIC’s connectivity to the following categories of products: Dometic Reverse Osmosis systems, including the Spot Zero for fresh water purification, the Sea Xchange for seawater and XTC-ZTC Double-Pass Watermaker; Eskimo Ice icemaker systems; the Platinum Control Panel for multi-stage chillers; the VARC 48 variable capacity chiller; KRA refrigeration condensing unit; and will showcase cabin controls for Marine Air and Cruisair heating and cooling systems. Show participants can see the products in action at IBEX Booth 1943.

In the coming months, STIIC will be extended to support Dometic Ship-wide Ventilation Equipment – such as smoke and fire dampers, axial fans and blowers, and mist eliminators – as well as Sanitation Tank Management products and Fresh Air Makeup Units (FAMU), which bring fresh, conditioned air into lower decks of a vessel.

“STIIC is the first technology of its kind to offer owners and their crews full visibility and control over their on-board equipment and systems – all from the convenience of an app that works on a phone, tablet or computer,” said Doug Curtis, VP of Marketing at Dometic Americas. “For example, hours before a voyage, owners can use STIIC to remotely start their air conditioning, ice machines and watermaker. When they arrive at the marina, they’re ready to set off in comfort.”

Boat owners can use STIIC via a WiFi, Ethernet or an RS485 connection. The STIIC system is easy to set up and understand, but if owners or captains do need help, the same system allows a technician to perform remote diagnostics and talk them through a troubleshooting process without a costly or time-consuming on-site visit to the vessel.

The STIIC network automatically expands as new Dometic products are installed on-board. Use of the STIIC interface is always optional and can be bypassed at any time since each Dometic system retains its independent controls for hands-on operation on-board.

The Dometic STIIC mobile intelligence software also simplifies the integration to ship-wide network control systems. Instead of developing an interface for each Dometic product, third-party software developers only need one connection point to STIIC.

This year’s IBEX show is Sept. 15-17 in Louisville, Ky. Find Dometic Marine on Twitter @DometicMarine, on Facebook at and on YouTube at