Cox Marine Celebrates First Canadian Customer Triple-CXO300 Setup on Tactical Custom Boat

Cox Marine Celebrates First Canadian Customer Triple-CXO300 Setup on Tactical Custom Boat

Cox Marine’s California-based distributor, Boatswain’s Locker, has collaborated with local Cox dealer Milltown Marine Services to install the first customer triple-CXO300 diesel outboard configuration on a Canadian-owned Tactical Custom Boats Adventure 44.

Tactical Custom Boats, who are part of the larger Platinum Marine Group based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada, has designed and built the Adventure 44 model to be the most capable and comfortable cruiser in its class. Robustly engineered for year-round usage in even the harshest conditions, it qualifies as a true performance vessel. Whether deployed for relaxed cruising or spirited, full-on sports fishing, it is a reassuringly tough and durable craft.

The vessel’s innovative 5083 aluminium hull structure, framework and support ribbing surpass American and Canadian Navy standards – and a triple-CXO300 installation is the perfect match for such a strong and pioneering design. Combining 479lb. ft torque with the supple dynamism expected from a 300hp motor, the CXO300 diesel outboard is exceptionally well-suited to every kind of on-water excursion that Adventure 44 owners could wish to undertake.

“Cox diesel outboards allow us to fully realize the potential of our vessels’ design,” says Tim Charles, Principal at Tactical Custom Boats. “It’s not about comparing or replacing traditional gasoline outboards with diesel: it’s about replacing high-torque diesel inboard engines with new, high-torque diesel outboards. The fresh options presented by a more efficient single-fuel vessel, with enhanced reliability and extra space for design improvements in the previously used engine room, are just some of the reasons why we choose to power Tactical Custom Boats with Cox Diesel Outboards.”

Following the success of the initial triple-CXO300 installation on the Adventure-44, there has been a marked increase in enquiries about the pairing of Tactical Custom Boats with CXO300 diesel outboards. The company has since sold a further three vessels with triple and quad configurations requested.

Designed for both commercial and recreational use, the CXO300 diesel outboard is a new generation of diesel technology. With up to 30 per cent fuel savings, producing 30 per cent less CO2 emissions, and with 479 lb. ft torque, the diesel outboard is an eco-friendly propulsion option built for maximum speed.

Supported by a network of 30 distributors covering over 100 territories, the CXO300 outboard engine is currently available to order across the globe.