CELLweaver debuts at METS 2015

CELLweaver debuts at METS 2015

CELLweaver debuts at METS 2015

Shortlisted for DAME award

CELLweaver is coming to METS for the first time with its innovative internet solution that combines up to four mobile phone SIM cards to deliver the fastest mobile data connections available today. Directors Wilko Darger and Julian Clemens will be on the CELLweaver stand 09.712 in the Superyacht Pavilion, demonstrating the live CELLweaver unit and answering questions.

The unit combines up to four 4G or 3G SIM cards to deliver exceptional bandwidth for high intensity users. This simple yet clever router is ideal for use in coastal waters, where given suitable mobile network coverage it can deliver bandwidth considerably greater than VSAT and at a substantially lower cost.

By inserting up to four 4G or 3G SIM cards from the same network the user combines their capabilities to get almost four times the bandwidth in a single stream. 3G speeds of up to 84 Mbits/s are readily obtainable and 4G can deliver speeds of up to 400 Mbits/s.

Installation is quick and simple with the unit being a standard rack size and using standard connections to sit alongside other onboard data receivers. Just a few hours are enough to fit the unit and provide the necessary training to the ETO or engineer responsible. A new antenna may be required.

DAME Award nomination

The CELLweaver has been shortlisted in this year’s DAME awards in the marine electronics and marine‐related software category; based on its innovative technology and its ability to greatly increase the connectivity of yachts operating within range of mobile networks.

Whether or not it wins, the CELLweaver remains a unique product that delivers a unique and valued service. To date units have been fitted on over 60 superyachts of up to 100 metres plus in length.