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New platform makes it easier for disabled users to board yachts

New platform makes it easier for disabled users to board yachts

PrestoMarine Lifts, a leading worldwide provider of lifts to the superyacht industry, has announced the launch of their new platform, the PML platform.

The PML platform is an accessory that can be attached onto lifts already installed on board yachts and allows easier access for users from the water. The platform is designed to be used as an extra step for disabled users, and can be positioned just under or just above the waterline. Monica Hedlund of PrestoMarine Lifts explained, “With a net around it, the step can also be lowered just below the waterline and used as a seat for children.”

Monica added, “The concept of the PML platform was ready at the end of 2014, but was demonstrated on an actual lift for the first time at Allt för sjön in Stockholm last month. As it stands, there is currently nothing like this on the market – a product which you can add and/or take off of an installed lift. The first platform is on its way to the US this week for installation; very exciting for us.

“The idea of the PML platform came about after interacting with a customer at a boat show when he brought to our attention his difficulty of getting out of the water and back up on the swim platform; we then instantly promised to come up with a solution and here it is!”

The PML platform along with the Presto L200F is available for under $10,000 worldwide.

PrestoMarine Lifts is also due to launch the third generation of rail system in May 2015. Although only available for the XL500 lift in the past, this new generation will now also be available for the L200 and XXL1000. Already, this system has been sold to the US, Germany, Scotland and several customers in Sweden.

PrestoMarine Lifts is working with Yachting Pages to offer its services to the superyacht sector.

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