A weighty lift at MDL’s Cobb’s Quay Marina

A weighty lift at MDL’s Cobb’s Quay Marina

MDL Marina’s Cobb’s Quay Marina was presented with a weighty challenge recently: to lift a 60 tonne, 25 metre metal hull yacht back into the water.

The two-day lift required the services of a 1,000 tonne crane, along with six support vehicles; it was a mammoth task simply to lift the boat onto the trailer for transport to the water’s edge! The lift was managed by the team from Baldwins Crane Hire, with support from the Cobb’s Quay crew.

David Wilson, Manager at Cobb’s Quay Marina, commented: “This is probably one of the largest single point lifts every completed at MDL Marina’s. It was a major project that required significant planning and management; we had to close the yard to traffic and the public, so we thank everyone for their patience while we completed the lift. Everything went according to plan and this impressive lift was completed to schedule.

“The Fair lady has been a long-standing fixture at the marina and we are delighted to see her back in the water and wish her well for her re-fit.”

Fair Lady has been berthed at Cobb’s Quay since 1976. A new owner has committed to giving the boat a new lease of life and is transporting her via tug boat for a re-fit in the Solent.

The marathon lift was captured in video footage via drone by FlyPic. Please see https://www.facebook.com/cobbs.q.marina/videos/1949981628362272/ for more details.

For more information about MDL Marinas, visit www.mdlmarinas.co.uk

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