Helly Hansen Dry Elite 2.0 Pant

REVIEW: Helly Hansen Dry Elite 2.0 Pant

The Dry Elite 2.0 pant is aimed at the more active outdoor users and is designed to create a dry layer next to your skin during highly aerobic activities according to the literature.

I was interested to see how they faired under less strenuous conditions that would be found when sailing or kayaking.

I had to wait a few weeks until the cold snap occurred to give these a test and took them for an initial shakedown on a good hours brisk walk in -5c and a light wind.

My initial thoughts were that they fit well and aren’t bulky in any way.  They’re comfortable under trousers and flat lock stitched so they don’t catch or snag.

Due to the different fabrics used, they felt warmer on the front of my legs at first and I thought my calfs may get cold but once walking they evened out and kept everything warm without getting overheated.

They regulated the temperature well and when I continued to wear them indoors I didn’t feel too hot or sweaty as I might with other thermals.

My second test was out on the water where I spent more time static,  This time, I wore the pants under my dry trousers and a light fleece trouser.

The slightly different levels of warmth on the front and back of my legs was slightly more noticeable at rest but they still felt toasty.

As advertised, they kept my legs dry, even under notoriously clammy waterproof trousers and I feel that this is where their strength lies out on the water.

They pack down small and take up very little space in the kit bag.  They can also be teamed up with the Helly Hansen Dry Elite 2.0 LS (long sleeve) top.


  • Lifa® Stay Dry technology
  • Seamless technology
  • Flatlock stitching

Good Points

  • Pack down small|Definitely kept my legs dry during exercise|Very comfortable

Bad Points

  • Slightly noticeable cooler areas on backs of legs at rest

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