Chatham Huron Walking Sandals

REVIEW: Chatham Huron Walking Sandals

With summer around the corner, it was fitting that we try a new pair of sandals from the Chatham stable.

The Chatham Huron Walking Sandal has a premium leather upper and insole with a textured sole for grip and durability.  The leather upper is split in half and stitched together to provide flexibility and allow the footbed to bend.

As with all Chatham products, they have a high quality look and feel about them and some nice touches such as the logo embossed on the side of the upper and the insole as well as the stitching detail.

They come in three styles; tan, mid brown and dark brown, with the tan leather having a smooth, matte appearance and the mid and dark brown styles having a slightly textured feel.

The sole has an interesting pyramid shaped tread which provide good grip on slippery decking and polished floors.

Being used to the outdoor ‘trekking sandals’ with all manner of straps and supports, I was worried that my feet would slip out of these and, as such, limited their usage to around the office and garden. 

It was only by accident that I wore them on a mile or so walk into the village without knowing, that I then realised that they are in fact a pretty capable pair of shoes.  I now regularly walk everywhere in them.

They took 3 or 4 days to ‘wear in’ around my big toes but are now supremely comfortable.  They age well and were looking better and better after a few weeks of use.


Good Points

  • Very comfortable|Stylish

Bad Points

  • Not sure you'd want to walk long distances in them

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