LifeJacket Skin Protection - sun protection range review

LifeJacket Skin Protection – sun protection range review

I chanced upon the LifeJacket brand at one of the Maverick trail races in Purbeck. I purchased the Daily Repair moisturiser, liked it a lot and got chatting with Jono, one of the founders. He kindly sent me the full range of products to try and we took them out on the water in Poole in early Spring, as well as over to Florida for the Miami Boat Show, just to see how they faired at both ends of the scale…

From the outset, I like the moisturiser as it doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs super quickly.   LifeJacket go one better by offering a moisturiser with built in sunscreen, which kills two birds with one stone. It’s slightly heavier than the standard moisturiser but sinks in just as well.

I found the Mineral Stick was great to take out in the kayak as it’s small and easy to store. It doesn’t burst when sat on and was very easy to apply when making a brew at Shipstal Point.

We took the 50+ Sun Gel and 50+ Sun Spray with us out to Miami as they were compact and easy to squeeze into our hand luggage. I used the gel, and my wife, a red head (who turns from pale white to bright red at the first sign of daylight) used the spray. I’m pleased to report that both behaved admirably in the Florida sunshine.

My wife likes the consistency of the spray, and the fact it stayed on after repeated dips in the pool. I liked the gel (what we’d call cream) as it had no smell and, as with earth other products, absorbed easily.

Since we received the products to review, they’ve also added to the range with sun protection clothing, hats and an anti-chafe bar.

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Product Range:

LifeJacket Skin Protection - sun protection range review

Daily Repair Moisturiser

Good all rounder. Dries quickly and is non greasy

LifeJacket Skin Protection - sun protection range review

Daily Protection Moisturiser

As above but slightly more body, and a slightly whiter look. Dries clear and non greasy.

LifeJacket Skin Protection - sun protection range review

50+ Sun Gel

What we’d call sun cream. Again, non greasy, no smell. Lighter in weight than some.

LifeJacket Skin Protection - sun protection range review

50+ Sun Protection Spray

Olive oil like consistency. Dries well. Waterproof.

LifeJacket Skin Protection - sun protection range review

50+ Mineral Sun Stick

Small and convenient, great on the kayak. Easy to apply.


About LifeJacket, in their own words:

We started LifeJacket 5 years ago on a mission to halt the increase in skin cancer, which has doubled in the past 20 years and is forecast to double again in the next 20. As well as offering high-performance products that people would enjoy using, we knew that central to this mission was raising awareness of the risks of skin damage and helping people better understand the science and facts when it comes to UV and protecting their skin. 85% of skin damage is caused by excess UV exposure, so the single best thing anyone can do for the short, medium and long term health of their skin is protect themselves from UV on a daily basis, 365 days a year. We know there is a tendency to only think about this when on holiday and during summer, but the reality is UV, which causes damage ranging from wrinkles to sunspots through to skin cancer, bombards our skin every single day. Whilst UVB rays, the rays that cause us to burn, are certainly strongest during the summer months, they only account for 5% of all UV that reaches us. The other 95% are UVA rays and these are equally present all year round.

For those that enjoy being outdoors and active, protecting your skin is a must and this is amplified for those that enjoy spending time on the water. In addition to being exposed to the elements for significant periods of time, UV reflects off water, essentially doubling the amount of UV our skin is exposed to. We offer a range of products, suitable for all preferences and occasions, that are non-greasy, lightweight, clinically approved for use on sensitive skin and most importantly don’t compromise on protection. From daily moisturisers to sun gels, sun sprays to mineral sticks and a range of UPF clothing, LifeJacket has #GotYourBack.

We also want to be more than just a range of products and to help people be aware of the risks and understand the facts when it comes to protecting their skin.We are the official partner of the charity Melanoma UK, who we work with extensively to raise awareness when it comes to skin health and have partnered with Skin Vision, an app that combines AI with a team of dermatology experts to enable you to monitor the health of your skin with ease from the comfort of your own home (we give customers a free 7 day trial of the Skin Vision app with every LifeJacket purchase). Our LifeJournals, that we add to weekly, cover topics on all things skin and UV and we are always more than happy to answer questions and speak to people


Good Points

  • Non greasy
  • Good packaging
  • Lasted well on the water

Bad Points

  • If I was nitpicking, the last bit of sunscreen is hard to get out of the tube!

Our Rating

5 Stars out of 5

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