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WhisperPower going big at METS 2017

WhisperPower going big at METS 2017

Visitors to METS 2017 will be hard pressed to miss WhisperPower. From the moment they arrive at the entrance to the Europahal, they will come face-to-face with a brand-new Mercedes Demo bus equipped with and demonstrating the latest WhisperPower generators and systems in full operation. Once inside the RAI, they will find WhisperPower up and running yet again, this time in Hall 1 Stand 457. A big presence across two locations from which many new products will be introduced to the market.

New Piccolo Genverter Models

Popular amongst customers, the Genverter Piccolo range is a small powerful variable speed generator series which has been expanded with an 8 kVA and a 10 kVA version.

Key features include:

  • Polyester sound enclosure equipped with soundproofing material
  • Upper parts can be completely removed
  • Models conform to Tier 4 and are EPA compliant (USA norm)
  • Available for 120 V 60 or 50 Hz (USA and Japan markets)
  • Optional: stylish and functional 5 or 7 inch TOUCH panel
  • Lower in price than the M – GV 8 and  M – GV 10 in metal cabinet
  • All models are equipped with variable speed technology that enables the speed setting to adjust in accordance with system requirements.

Flagship Generverter M-GV 15

Following the introduction of the 8 and 10 kVA Genverter models in 2016, WhisperPower has now introduced a 15 kVA water-cooled compact generator. This recent addition to the latest generation of variable speed diesel generators comes complete with an inverter and an advanced touch screen remote control panel. In addition, all installation accessories such as a Water / Gas separator, water lock, water inlet and hoses can be supplied.

Extended Range of Generator Accessories

In addition to the existing Delta Water locks and Water / Gas separators, we have developed a cost effective range of generator accessories. These components are available in both complete kit form and as spare parts and are currently available for all models up to 12kVA.

Advanced Shunt added to Product Range

WhisperPower has made good progress as a global supplier of new generation power systems. Product development and innovation are paramount in providing a constant flow of new and improved products. New to the range is the WP-BM Smart Shunt, a central measuring “device” that monitors the 12, 24 or 48 VDC power management and displays the charge / discharge status of the boat, vehicle or land-based object’s battery. This information can also be monitored remotely with an extension to the standard package. The digital shunt can be easily connected to any type and brand of battery as well as the WhisperConnect DC Bus system, which can be linked to a great deal of the WhisperPower product range including inverters, battery chargers, combi’s and generators. If required, the Smart Shunt can be supplied with a 5 Inch TOUCH panel to further monitor the battery performance.

Increased Inverter Range

To meet the demand for inverters with a higher power capacity, a new 3 kWatt inverter suitable for 12V battery systems has been added to what is known as our Orange range. The WP Sine 12/3000 delivers 3000 watts of power with pure sine wave voltage and a very stable frequency. The device weighs only 6.9 kg and is extremely compact. With a length of 53.9 cm, a width of 23 cm and a height of 11.5 cm, this is one of the smallest and most powerful sine wave inverters available on the market worldwide. The peak power rating is 6 kW and it is suitable for, amongst other consumers, small washing machines, kitchen appliances, induction cooking, heavy tools etc.

Good news for yacht owners

It has already been 5 years since WhisperPower put together a product range to be sold through water sport stores. Throughout this period, the product range has been expanded considerably with a variety of energy devices for the end user, in this case, the yacht owner. In addition, a large and stable network of water sport stores stocked with the WhisperPower range has been established.

Roel ter Heide, Owner and CEO of WhisperPower explains:  “WhisperPower remains faithful to the concept of sales through dealers and will continue to do so! To support and strengthen this, we will be paying extra attention to the product range for the end user for 2018. The successful “Orange” campaign in the watersports magazines and in stores remains focussed on the “Coffee from the Battery” action. It seems that many water-going enthusiasts do not have any or have a very old inverter, and yet still want to make their own cup of coffee with modern equipment. This requires at least one good quality 2 kWatt sine wave inverter.”

Closer cooperation with Yacht Control

WhisperPower is embarking on yet closer cooperation with Yachtcontrol in relation to product development and system integration. Yachtcontrol, based in Hattem, the Netherlands, develops software for monitoring and control systems for yachts, ships and vehicles. They also develop software for the control of the various hydraulic and electrical devices used in these market sectors. In addition, they develop and supply complete glass-bridge systems, tailored to customer requirements, with integrated navigation and communication equipment. Together with Yachtcontrol, the WhisperCare concept is being put in place to provide remote monitoring, via GSM or internet, of the installations delivered by both companies. Furthermore, additional features will also be added to the WhisperPower range such as digital switching and extensive domotics.

Complete system solutions

WhisperPower develops energy systems in close collaboration with the yacht building industry. A result of this is a new generation of advanced hybrid energy systems. With these advanced hybrid energy systems, also known as New School Systems, the available power is tailored to meet the energy requirements of the consumers so that running the generator, which in most cases is a Genverter variable speed generator, can be kept to a minimum. This is made possible by using the AC Powercube, an extremely innovative inverter which provides high power capacity (on demand) and has minimal loss, in combination with the DC Powercube chargers.

“We, as WhisperPower, are proud that the technical systems developed in conjunction with the yacht building industry are now the new standard. More and more yachts are being equipped with one of our hybrid systems. A great result after 7 years of hard work and substantial investment”, comments Roel ter Heide.

This year, the WP Magazine is a special edition focused on systems in which, the unlimited possibilities and diverse system configurations are highlighted and shipyards share their WhisperPower experiences.

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