Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra 48/3500-50

The new Mass Combi Ultra 48/3500-50 from Mastervolt – The silent heart of a 48-volt off-grid power system

The new Mass Combi Ultra 48/3500-50 from Mastervolt – The silent heart of a 48-volt off-grid power system

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based market leader in autonomous power systems, is proud to announce the arrival of the latest member of the Mass Combi Ultra family of combined inverter and battery chargers, the Mass Combi Ultra 48/3500-50.

As with all the Mass Combi Ultra range, the model number denotes the capability, so the new model is for a 48 Volt system, and provides up to 3,500W of AC power and 50A of DC charging current. This latest addition means that the Ultra range now covers all three main voltages commonly found in leisure and professional vessels and vehicles as well as specialist installations that need to operate away from mains power.  

The Mass Combi Ultra is a remarkably compact and lightweight unit that marries together a powerful and intelligent battery charger with a silent and efficient inverter, working through a versatile and seamless transfer system. In addition, the Ultra series also carries a secondary battery charger for dedicated starter batteries. Other than the 12V and 24V models, the new 48V model is not equipped with an internal solar charger. Powerful external 48V solar charge regulators are available from Mastervolt.

48V Electric Drives

The new 48/3500-50 model is aimed at high power applications, such as luxury yachts, commercial vessels and large vehicles, yet also at installations where a 48-Volt system is being used for electric propulsion, a sector in which Mastervolt has long been a pioneer. 

Mass Combis have been carefully designed for users who want dependable off grid AC power, which automatically switches from one source to another as AC loads vary. Many years of research and feedback has led to an advanced, three-step battery charger, which uses an algorithm to maximise the service life of the batteries whilst recharging. The charger is compatible with every type of modern battery, including Mastervolt’s own cutting-edge Lithium Ion Ultra range.

The inverter runs silently thanks to its proprietary high frequency V6 technology, and can handle peak loads of 200% as heavy-draw items such as air-con pumps start up. The AC output is a clean sine wave, with no spikes or troughs, so the most sensitive equipment can run without any fear of glitches or dropouts. During the night, the inverter can run at 50% load without the need for gentle fan cooling, adding to a quiet night’s sleep.

Ease of Installation

Mastervolt designers consider the initial installer as much as the end user, so the Mass Combi Ultra is in a single, compact case with professional-grade and durable connections.  There are two AC inputs, and two AC outputs, making it possible to supply heavy loads directly from the grid or generator without inadvertently draining the batteries. There is also a power assist function, which modifies the input when the link to shore power is poor, or has a low fuse rating.

This latest addition to the hugely successful Mass Combi Ultra range guarantees full AC output when operating remotely, and when reconnected makes the best use of the grid power available. Robustly built from top quality components, and in a case that can operate efficiently even in a hot engine room, the new 48/3500-50 is the dependable heart of a modern 48-Volt system.

Recommended retail price:  

£2,316 excluding VAT.

Key Features:  Mass Combi Ultra 48/3500 – 50

  • Compact, lightweight case (472H x 318W x 178Dmm 15.3kg)
  • Nominal voltage: 48V DC
  • Output voltage: 230V (adjustable 180V-260V)
  • Quiet, highly efficient inverter using high-frequency V6 technology
  • Intelligent, three-step battery charger for longest possible battery life
  • Dual input for generator and grid power
  • Dual output offers option to supply heavy loads directly to preserve batteries
  • Heavy duty (50A) switching relay 
  • Provides up to 50% of inverter power without fan cooling, ideal at night
  • Multiple automatic distribution and transfer system for quick response to loads
  • Pure sine wave output prevents damage to sensitive electronics
  • Parallel connection of up to 10 devices up to 35kW
  • Three phase configuration possible for up to 9 devices up to 31.5kW
  • Smooth switching between generator, grid and inverter to prevent glitches
  • 200% peak power from inverter to meet heavy start up loads
  • Full charge current and inverter output up to 40°C, typical in engine rooms
  • Professional connectors for quick installation and dependable operation
  • Full CE certification and E-marking for the mobile market
  • Plug and play integration with MasterBus monitoring and control system.

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