Sika Simplifies its Range of Marine Primers

Sika Simplifies its Range of Marine Primers

Sika Simplifies its Range of Marine Primers

Sika, a world leader in bonding, sealing, waterproofing, and insulation products, has streamlined its range of marine primers to offer greater transparency of use for its customers. Sika now offers just two marine primers, Sika® MultiPrimer Marine and Sika® Primer-207, which have been designed to improve the adhesion of Sikaflex® adhesives on a range of substrates.

Sika® MultiPrimer Marine has been designed to offer excellent adhesion performance on substrates such as wood, metal, plastic and two component painted areas. As a low viscosity liquid primer, it is easy to use and apply and offers excellent durability.

Sika® Primer-207 Areas is a black, moisture curing liquid primer specifically formulated to give improved adhesion on substrates such as float glass, ceramic-coated glass, plastics, pre-coatings, painted surfaces, e-coats and metals. Sika® Primer-207 combines reduced flash-off time and fast adhesion built-up and fluoresces under long-wave UV light.

Gareth Ross, Sika UK’s Marine Market Field Specialist explains why using a primer is important, “Good preparation lays the foundation for a properly bonded or sealed substrate so using products such as cleaners and primers prior to adhesion will ensure the best long-term results.”

Alongside its two marine primers, Sika also offers two products which have been designed to prepare the surface prior to priming it. Sika® Remover 208, a solvent based cleaner, is used to remove traces of Sikaflex® products as well as for cleaning painted substrates. Sika®Aktivator-205 (previously Sika® Cleaner-205), is pre-treatment agent for non-porous substrates containing a bond activating substance.

Sika’s marine primers, cleaners and pre-treatment agents are manufactured in line with the ISO 9001 / 14001 quality assurance system and meets the low spread of flame requirements specified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). They are also Wheelmark approved.

Sika® MultiPrimer Marine and Sika® Primer-207 are available in 250ml and 1 litre bottles. For retail prices, please contact your nearest Sika® stockist.

For further information, visit or contact Sika on Tel: +44 (0) 01707 394444.