RYA launches vital new First Aid manual for mariners

RYA launches vital new First Aid manual for mariners

RYA launches vital new First Aid manual for mariners

The RYA has launched a new First Aid manual specifically designed for mariners.

Written and overseen by medical professionals, it contains all the credible information and advice you would expect from a First Aid book, with content now tailored to boaters. 

Areas covered include:

  • How to treat cold water shock and dehydration
  • How to get medical advice by marine radio
  • How to prepare the boat, crew and casualty in the event of someone having to be airlifted to hospital by helicopter
  • The contamination risks of blue/green algae and weil’s disease and basic treatment
  • How to access category C medical stores

If the worst happens at sea, the medical attention that you administer while waiting for help can save lives. The manual, complemented by the RYA’s First Aid course, is a must for anyone spending a lot of time on the water. It can easily be stowed for reference as part of your medical kit on board, and/or accessed via your phone. 

First Aid Instructor and Chief Instructor of the Army Sailing Association’s Sailing Centre, Philip Brown, said he was pleased that the RYA had taken the initiative to produce the vital manual, adding: “Boaters will now have a much more thorough knowledge of how to deal with the kind of situations you might meet at sea.”

The First Aid Manual for Mariners is available from the RYA shop www.rya.org.uk/go/shop  as a hard copy, or as a handy eBook.

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