New Sikaflex - 291I tube size launched for minor boat repairs

New Sikaflex – 291I tube size launched for minor boat repairs

New Sikaflex – 291I tube size launched for minor boat repairs

Sika, a world leader in bonding, sealing, waterproofing, and insulation products, is launching the tried and tested Sikaflex® -291i adhesive sealant in a new compact 70ml tube designed for minor repairs and convenient storage on board.  

The new Sikaflex® -291i 70ml tube will supplement the range of 300ml, 400ml and 600ml Sikaflex® -291i products. The 70ml tube is being launched in response to customer requirements for an easily stored pack size to carry on the boat for small repair jobs throughout the season. The introduction of the new size also helps reduce leftover product and packaging waste when only small quantities of sealant are required. 

When making minor repairs, Sikaflex® -291i , which is available in black or white, can be applied to provide seals inside and to the exterior of the boat. It can be used for various jobs such as sealing screw holes and bonding fittings. The product bonds exceptionally well to a wide variety of substrates including wood, metals, metal primers and paint coatings, ceramic and GRP. To add to the overall appearance of the finished job, Sikaflex® -291i can also be sanded and applied with a two-component paint.

The small compact tube can be easily stored in a cool place, making it suitable for all vessels from kayaks to large yachts. When stored unopened below 25°C, Sikaflex® -291i has a shelf life of 12 months.

Sikaflex® -291i is manufactured in line with the ISO 9001 / 14001 quality assurance system and meets the low spread of flame requirements specified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The sealant is also Wheelmark approved. 

For further extensive information on Sikaflex® -291i, please see the product data and H&S information sheets at or contact Sika on 01707 394444.