Mastervolt introduces the BattMan range of affordable and easy to fit battery monitors

Mastervolt introduces the BattMan range of affordable and easy to fit battery monitors

Mastervolt introduces the BattMan range of affordable and easy to fit battery monitors

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based leader in the field of off-grid electrical systems, is pleased to announce the launch of the BattMan range of battery monitors, each housed within a rugged case and featuring a large splash-proof LCD display.

The level of deep discharge a battery goes through will determine its eventual lifespan, so the BattMan range has been designed for ease of use with a backlit screen that selectively displays the voltage (12/24V), the charge/discharge current to or from the battery bank, the consumed amp hours, and the remaining battery capacity. There is also a second input so the BattMan can monitor an auxiliary battery, such as one that is used for starting.

Both models support a programmable alarm relay, so a warning will sound when the battery bank has reached a state of critical discharge, beyond which damage could occur. This feature alone could save an owner a great deal of money on replacements by reminding him when a battery needs recharging, such as when it is being used with a small electric outboard.

Time remaining and data collection

The BattMan is available in two versions, the standard BattMan Lite, and the more advanced BattMan Pro. Both models feature a clear, splash-proof (IP65 standard) display that includes a powerbar, and are easy to fit almost anywhere due to a quick release bracket. The more advanced BattMan Pro offers the additional benefit of showing remaining battery life in hours and minutes, and also collects historic data and special battery events. The Pro also has a greater current resolution, to two decimal places, and is more suited to larger banks.

Both models are accurate to within 0.4%, and are supplied with a 500A shunt, along with a concise installation and operation manual. There’s even a free screwdriver in the kit. Quick to install, and simple to use, the BattMan monitors can be connected to any recreational or professional application where constant and accurate monitoring of battery status is required.

Price (Including 500A shunt):

BattMan Lite: £116.00 ex VAT

BattMan Pro: £143.20 ex VAT

Technical Specifications:

Size: 64mm across, 79mm deep 

        (2.5in x 3.1in)

Shunt: 87 x 45 x 35mm (M8)

          (3.3 x 1.7 x 1.4in)

Waterproofing: IP65 (splashes, any direction)      

Weight: 0.15kg (0.3lbs)

Max Ah capacity: 999Ah (Pro 9999Ah)

Supply voltage: 9-35V

Voltage range:   0-35V

Current measurement: 0-500A (Optie 900A)

Consumption:    9mA (12V) 7mA (24V)

Voltage resolution: 0.1V (Pro 0.01V)

Voltage accuracy: 0.3%

Current accuracy: 0.4%

Current resolution: 0.1A (0-100A) 

                                       (Pro: 0-200A)

                              1.0A (100-999A) 

                                       (Pro: 200-9999A)

Shunt specification: 500A/50mV

Language display: Universal