Marine logbook app Wavetrax available at special discount

Marine logbook app Wavetrax available at special discount

Marine logbook app Wavetrax available at special discount

Sailors and boaters who want to update or supplement their paper logbook can buy WaveTrax at a special low price until the end of September.

The world’s most fully-featured sailing and boating logbook app for iPad and iPhone is available now and throughout the Southampton Boat Show at a 60% discount.

Enabling users to automatically log every journey so they can focus on having fun sailing, the popular app can be downloaded for just £3.99 (or equivalent currency $4.99, €4.99 or AU/NZ $6.49).

The bargain price, which is considerably less than the cost of a standard paper logbook, offers boaters a number of benefits and innovations to help make keeping a logbook easy and enjoyable. 

The app automatically creates a log of every voyage using mobile technology and GPS to reliably capture, manage, present and share all of the information usually entered into a paper logbook, which can take up valuable time to accurately complete or be lost or damaged.

The live dashboard displays real-time trip data including time, distance and speed and allows users to pause their journey or switch between sailing, motoring and sailing/motoring modes.

Other key advantages include free worldwide nautical maps, the ability to bring the log to life by adding annotations and images to a route, the automatic compilation of the user’s boating and crew history, and the capability to store documents and complicated boat data. WaveTrax also allows the creation of a detailed PDF log print out if required.

The logs can be accessed online from anywhere in the world and edited later, or shared directly from the app with friends, family and crew. Logs of previous trips can also be created manually or from a GPX file.

WaveTrax is available through the iTunes store (search for ‘sailing logbook or marine logbook’), where the app can be downloaded to iPhone or iPad. For more information about the app and the special seasonal offer, visit