Latest marine products from Awlgrip

Latest marine products from Awlgrip, Dometic and Sika help bring classic yacht Altricia back to life

Latest marine products from Awlgrip, Dometic and Sika help bring classic yacht Altricia back to life


AkzoNobel’s high performance Awlgrip yacht coatings have played an instrumental role in the restoration of the 1965 40-foot McGruer classic Altricia. The yacht is making her debut at the London Boat Show at the ExCel London, having undergone a full restoration by the master shipwrights of Mylor Yacht Harbour in Falmouth.

Using Awlgrip’s Awlwood MA exterior clear system, Mylor Yacht Harbour’s Marine Team have transformed Altricia’s mahogany topsides and coach roof back to their original glory, achieving a mirror finish, whilst providing long term protection of her wood.

Awlwood MA is a two-part exterior clear system consisting of a primer and clear finish that has been designed for professional use. Its high-building, fast-curing formulation allows multiple applications per day, therefore reducing total application time. “Used together, the primer and clear finish provide an extended performance, helping to preserve the wood whilst retaining the natural appearance of the first application,” said Hans Slegtenhorst, Segment Manager at AkzoNobel’s Yacht Coatings’ business.

Formulated with a non-yellowing polymer, which is stabilised with high-performance UV absorbers, Awlwood MA offers long-term clarity and excellent gloss retention. It can be applied over a wide range of temperatures and levels of humidity with consistent results. “The system also remains highly flexible throughout its lifetime, allowing natural substrate movement, whilst maintaining toughness and abrasion resistance,” Slegtenhorst added.

As a first time user of Awlwood, Mylor Yacht Harbour’s Project Manager, Henry Goldsmith was impressed with its performance: “The results from our test panels were excellent. Mahogany tends to yellow quickly under UV and we wanted to preserve the colour for as long as possible,” he said. “The ability to compound and polish the Awlwood surfaces should keep Altricia looking her best for many years.”


Leading marine equipment supplier works with vessel’s owner to provide seven different products during restoration to help transform wooden McGruer 8m cruiser-racer

Demonstrating its expertise in a wide variety of marine equipment, Dometic has supplied seven different products to contribute to the stunning restoration of 1965 McGruer classic 8m cruiser-racer ‘Altricia’.

The leading marine equipment supplier and HVAC specialist selected each product carefully to specifically suit the layout and unique demands presented by the 50-year-old wooden yacht, which has undergone a full restoration by the master shipwrights of Mylor Yacht Harbour’s Marine Team.

Dometic worked closely with Altricia’s owner, Peter Methven OBE, as well as the project team at Mylor Yacht Harbour, to discuss and select the correct equipment which would offer the most modern and innovative solutions whilst retaining the character of the yacht, integrating with the original design and helping protect and preserve the wooden features.

One of the most crucial requirements for Altricia was an efficient air-conditioning unit offering heating, cooling and dehumidification to protect and maintain the wooden vessel from mould and rot. Dometic suggested its efficient and compact VTD8 Vector Turbo Self-Contained system to provide the owner with the necessary temperature control while cruising in the UK.

In addition, Dometic also supplied a Dometic MasterFlush 7160 toilet, Dometic MoonLight THREE cooker, WAECO CoolMatic CB40 cooling unit, Dometic MD 281C safe, WAECO PerfectCharge MCA battery charger and WAECO SinePower MSI inverter.

Peter Methven said: “Dometic has a very broad portfolio which made it very convenient to be able to talk to one company about all these different products.

“The Dometic VTD8 unit is ideal as it is very compact and could be mounted up forward between the V-berths and blows straight down through the boat. It does not upset the balance of the boat or add much weight, as it is the smallest, lightest set-up we could find. The system also does not alter the trim, which is good for racing performance. The dehumidification is very important as fresh water is a killer for a wooden boat so you don’t want condensation.

“For the toilet, we don’t have enough fresh water on the boat and we also didn’t want any pumps or valves, so we need a raw water flush model. The Dometic model is ideal as it mirrors the old head and the ORBIT base technology allows the base to rotate to fit in the space.

“I was also really pleased with the top-loader CB40 cooling unit because of the flexible mounting options which makes it fantastic for retro fits as you don’t have to worry about where to mount the compressor. For our cooker, I really wanted three burners which is why we selected the MoonLight THREE. With the grill as well, it is like having the comforts of home. The guard rails and clamps are also particularly good.”

The following products were selected for installation on board Altricia:

• Dometic VTD8 Vector Turbo air conditioning unit

Offering heating, cooling and dehumidification, the Dometic Vector Turbo series maximises the impressive performance of environmentally safe refrigerant R-410A and is compact, quiet and virtually vibration free.

Paul Hickinbotham, Director EMEA – Sales and Administrations & Commercial Division, Dometic, said: “This is our best OEM-style unit and it was the best system for the yacht and the owner’s requirements. As there is minimal space for the unit, the VTD8 is ideal as it has a small footprint and a curved tray to fit into the tight space. It is also our quietest self-contained unit and our most efficient, using less amps for the capacity. It is perfect for cruising in UK waters, with heating and cooling. It also includes automatic dehumidifying with the condensate water draining to a sump and a float in the tank detecting the water and pumping it out. This is obviously particularly important for Altricia to protect the wooden vessel from mould and rot to maintain the interior.”

• Dometic MasterFlush 7160 toilet

The Dometic 7160 raw water flush electric macerator toilet with 360° ORBIT base technology is part of the MasterFlush range offering great flushing performance and exceptional comfort.

Hickinbotham said: “The owner wanted a seawater flush toilet to keep the raw water plumbing which was already in place and to make sure the toilet was in keeping with the character of the yacht. We suggested the 7160 MasterFlush model which is our most modern seawater flush version. This model is manufactured to replace a hand pump toilet and is very cost effective. It would also be very easy to upgrade from this 7160 model to our new quieter seawater MasterFlush 7165 macerator toilet system which has a remote raw water pump to ensure especially quiet operation.”

• WAECO CoolMatic CB40 cooling unit

The versatile and efficient CoolMatic CB40 built-in compressor cooler opens from the top and can be detached and fitted separately, with a temperature range of +10°C to -12°C.

Hickinbotham said: “Our top loader CB40 cooling unit with no draw or door is ideal for Altricia. Usually there is a part of the boat created for a cooling unit or fridge, but in an old boat the insulation is often rotten. The unit will then be forced to run flat out which is obviously very inefficient and it would also need a very well-fitting lid. There are no inefficiencies in our CB40 cooling unit as it has the moulding, pre-insulation and evaporator all in one unit and there is no possibility of a bad connection between the evaporator and the compressor. These units can also be used as a freezer, so boats could install two matching units alongside each other for a fridge and freezer combination. OEMs are finding this solution particularly attractive.”

• Dometic MoonLight THREE cooker

A fully-equipped oven with grill and 3-burner hob, the Dometic MoonLight THREE is a 30-litre gas oven featuring a transparent door with safety lock, electrical ignition and interior light.

• Dometic MD 281C safe

Ideal for storing passports and other valuables, the MD 281C with automatic locking system allows the owner to set a master code for guaranteed access or peace of mind if the yacht is chartered.

• WAECO PerfectCharge MCA battery charger and WAECO SinePower MSI inverter

The two Dometic units coordinate and work well together, enabling the owner to stay connected and keep the batteries topped up.

Hickinbotham added: “Working with the owner of Altricia, the aim was for this classic vessel to work and function like a modern yacht with all the required facilities and amenities for the owner, while still retaining the unique character of the yacht.

“The owner was particularly pleased to source such a large amount of equipment from one company and to be able to get expert advice about all these different products from the team at Dometic.”

Peter Methven said: “McGruer yachts were so well built and I feel proud to have been in the position to know what I wanted and to work closely with the Mylor team to bring this lovely vessel back to her former glory.”

Altricia will make her debut at the London Boat Show in January 2016 after a full structural, cosmetic and systems refit at Mylor Yacht Harbour, in Falmouth. Peter will join Mylor Yacht Harbour’s Marine Team on stand G150 in the 60’s Revival area. Visitors will be able to go on board for a guided tour and witness for themselves the results of this extraordinary restoration.

For more information about the Dometic products, please visit Stand C024 during the London Boat Show.


Sika’s bonding and caulking technology, Sikaflex® has once again proven why it is one of the marine industry’s most widely used adhesive and sealant systems.

Chosen by the master shipwrights at Mylor Yacht Harbour for the intricate re-building of the decks on ‘Altricia’, the 1965 McGruer classic 8m cruiser-racer, Sikaflex® systems were used to create a deck that is simply stunning.

Making her debut at the London Boat Show, Altricia, the 1965 40-foot McGruer classic yacht has been painstakingly brought back to life thanks to Mylor Yacht Harbour’s highly skilled Marine Team using the best quality marine applications and fitted with the finest equipment to achieve a stunning finish and outstanding performance.

Altricia’s decks are very special and during her restoration, she underwent an intricate method of teak deck board and king plank fitting which involved no nailing or screwing, just gluing plank by plank – a process which maximises both the water-tight integrity and achieved the smooth beauty of the deck.

To help achieve the best possible results, Sikaflex® 291i was chosen for the bonding of the planks to ensure that the deck remained watertight and long-lasting. As one of the marine industry’s most widely used sealants, Sikaflex® 291i, a multi-functional adhesive, has been specifically designed for marine application. Its ability to cure on exposure to atmospheric moisture, whether applied to wood, metal or marine coatings, gives it a durability that has been proven time after time.

Sikaflex®’s weather resistent deck caulking sealant was also chosen to seal ‘Altricia’s’ plank joins with flawless results. Specially formulated for caulking joints in traditional timber marine decking, the sealant enabled the Marine Team to create a deck finish that any classic yacht owner would be proud of. The sealing compound in Sikaflex®’s deck caulking cures with atmospheric moisture to form a flexible elastomer which can be sanded. The solvent free system is easy to work with as well as weather, seawater and freshwater resistant, providing long-lasting decks for years to come.

“The Sikaflex® systems have been used and trusted by Mylor Yacht Harbour’s Marine Team for years,” said Henry. “We had to prime the subdeck and every seam before either bonding or caulking the deck so we had to be 100% confident in the product that we were using in such a careful process.”

“She is looking amazing and there are hardly any other yards in this country who could have laid her deck to this standard,” says Altricia’s seafaring owner, Peter Methven OBE.

‘Altricia’ makes her debut on stand G150 at the 2016 London Boat Show. For more information about the Sikaflex® range of adhesive and sealant systems, contact Sika UK on T: +44 1 707 394444 or visit