MediaMaster 100s

JL Audio’s highly anticipated marine audio source unit to be unveiled at Southampton Boat Show

JL Audio’s highly anticipated marine audio source unit to be unveiled at Southampton Boat Show

JL Audio UK, the European distributor for the US’s leading marine audio systems, JL Audio, will launch its highly anticipated marine audio source unit at the Southampton Boat Show in September.

Offering superb audio performance, excellent ergonomics and advanced audio features, the MediaMaster® 100s marks JL Audio’s entry into this important product category and completes an extensive line-up of high quality, marine audio products offering an integrated marine audio solution to boat builders and customers.

As with all JL Audio marine products, the MediaMaster® 100s is purpose-built and engineered specifically for the marine environment having been constructed using marine-grade, weatherproof materials. The source unit is designed with advanced audio features that are specifically tailored to marine applications.

JL Audio UK’s Managing Director, Paul Baker said: “The MediaMaster® is a milestone product for us as it creates the opportunity to build a full JL Audio marine sound system, from source unit to amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers. This is the high-end source unit our European customers have been waiting for and after months of rigorous testing under the strictest controls we are delighted to offer them a cohesive system that will be unrivalled for sound quality and longevity.”

“Upgrading to a JL Audio Marine system will not only offer customers a far superior sound. Our products typically provide around eight years of premium audio listening compared with other marine audio products lasting only one to two years in a marine environment. This makes our marine audio systems a fantastic investment for any boat owner that appreciates his or her music.”

From its US manufacturing base in Florida, JL Audio’s team of specialists have developed the MM100s using valued input from its customers and longstanding expertise in high end audio manufacture. The audio engineering team focused on making a better sounding head unit, the hardware team on making a stylish looking product that could withstand real marine conditions, and the software team created a beautiful interface that works great on the water.

JL Audio products are renowned for offering an exceptionally high level of marine audio performance and the new MM100s reflects this very well. The typical chip amplifiers used in most marine source units have been removed and instead, the MM100s is equipped with preamp-level audio circuits, which have been installed in an 8-channel unit with 4V RMS outputs to offer amazing sound reproduction. This design offers excellent system control flexibility in a wide range of marine audio system configurations.

The source functionality of the MM100s has been designed for today’s advanced media applications. The MM100s offers a wide range of connectivity options for external devices such as Bluetooth® audio streaming, USB 2.0 direct-digital connection for a smartphone or USB storage device, analogue auxiliary input for connection to a wide range of audio sources and an NMEA 2K-compliant CAN offers connectivity to compatible marine electronics.

The physical design of the MM100s is carefully engineered to deliver excellent ergonomics and features an intuitive interface with large text for easy legibility while in motion and large buttons and control knob for ease of use. A high-brightness, full-colour 3.5-inch LCD display offers day and night lighting modes with user-defined display brightness, button brightness, and remote brightness and display themes. Optional MMR-20 round remote controls can be installed throughout the vessel if additional control points are needed.

The MediaMaster 100s has an RRP of £499.99 Including VAT. For further information, contact JL Audio UK on T: +44 (0) 1202 664 390, E: [email protected] or visit