Global Telecast Communications introduces new Sat-Fi for seamless satellite connection with personal devices

Global Telesat Communications introduces new Sat-Fi for seamless satellite connection with personal devices

Global Telesat Communications introduces new Sat-Fi for seamless satellite connection with personal devices

If you are looking for crisp voice calls and fast data transfer via the newest generation of satellites, and all through your own personal devices, then look no further than the Sat-Fi Hot Spot, available from UK-based Global Telesat Communications.

This DC-powered hub enables seamless, multi-user communication between any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a Kindle Fire, an iPad or a smartphone, directly to the recently upgraded low earth orbit (LEO) satellites of the Globalstar network.

Globalstar is the only mobile satellite service provider to recently deploy a second generation of satellites following a US$1.2 billion investment programme, meaning that it now offers top-quality coverage over 80% of the earth’s surface. This not only provides clear voice calls, it also enables data speeds up to four times faster than the competition. 

This increased coverage has strengthened competition, so call time tariffs are more keenly priced than ever before. As such, Globalstar has a wide range of airtime packages to suit the budgets of everyone who needs to communicate when off the cellular grid, from lone yachtsmen right up to major corporations working in remote areas. 

The Sat-Fi system consists of a compact base station that is powered by a standard 12V DC battery connection, and with an aerial positioned to give a clear view of the sky. Three types of aerial are available to suit a vehicle, a boat, or a land-based structure. Once installed, the hub can then link to any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as an ordinary smartphone. The user simply downloads and installs the Sat-Fi app, and then connects to the Sat-Fi via Wi-Fi. The phone is then seamlessly linked to the Globalstar network as a satellite communicator for both voice and data. The cellular functions remain when in range of a cell tower, and the phone or similar device can be used from anywhere on board, using existing numbers stored in the memory.

“The satellite call charges are the same as those for dedicated satellite phones,” explained James Phipps, GTC’s Head of Sales. “We offer a range of Globalstar airtime plans for voice and data starting at just €25.00 per month, with a standard one-off activation fee of €50 across the portfolio. Our highly experienced team can easily help a customer to choose a plan ideally suited to their needs, with extra ‘out of bundle’ call time or data transfer available if needed for as little as €0.60 per minute.”

Simple to install and easy to operate, the Sat-Fi Satellite Wi-Fi Hot Spot allows up to 8 users at a time to lock on at a range of up to 100ft, and provides the best voice quality in the industry at very competitive rates. There is also a dedicated emergency function to alert the nearest rescue co-ordination centre to a problem. 

So if you have to stay in touch from a remote location, and need a dependable connection for clear conversations or quick document downloads, then the Sat-Fi system from GTC is the answer.

RRP: £700 excluding VAT

Key Features:

  • Connects to the world’s most up-to-date satellite system
  • Easy to set up, and operational in minutes with any Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Intuitive to use for calls, emails or SMS texts
  • Data speeds four times faster than its rivals, thereby using less airtime
  • Best voice quality in the industry
  • Simple 10-digit dialling, caller ID, and use of existing contacts in personal device
  • Connects up to 8 users at a time, within 100ft (30m) range of Sat-Fi

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 16cm x 16cm x 6.1cm (6.2in x 6.2in x 2.4in)
  • Power: 12VDC
  • Max power input: 14W
  • Temp range: -30C to +60C
  • Signalling: SIP
  • DTMF format: RFC2833
  • Voice channels: 1
  • Audio codes: G.711u
  • Freq/power: 2.4GHz / 100mW max transmit
  • Standards: 802.11 b