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Global Telecast Communications adds the DeLorme inReach Explorer to it’s range of satellite communications equipment

Global Telecast Communications adds the DeLorme inReach Explorer to it’s range of satellite communications equipment

Combine the texting ability of an SMS device with the complete global coverage of Iridium’s satellite constellation, and then add a built-in GPS with routing software, and you’ll have the inReach Explorer, now available from UK-based Global Telesat Communications (GTC).

Created by the American corporation DeLorme, the inReach Explorer is a lightweight, handheld satellite ‘text and location’ communicator with a long battery life and a fully waterproof outer case. Used by adventurers travelling by land, sea and air, it not only provides the ability to send and receive texts from literally anywhere in the world – including the Poles – it can also add waypoint information to keep recipients fully updated of your exact position. 

Developed from the proven and hugely popular inReach SE model, the Explorer version has more powerful built-in navigation tools, although Bluetooth easily pairs both models with a mobile device such as an iPhone or Kindle Fire to use the latest mapping software. The Explorer’s GPS allows the user to pre-plan a route, or navigate in real time using the colour screen, and when off the beaten track, it automatically leaves a ‘breadcrumb trail’ to find the way back out again. There is also a built-in electronic compass with heading and bearing information, accurate even when stationary.

The inReach Explorer is packed with navigational features, many of which can be customised, such as an adjustable tracking interval from two minutes to four hours, allowing you to share your trip information, including GPS co-ordinates and elevation, with social media. Text messages can be sent via the virtual keyboard with text prediction, or by pairing with a mobile phone to use the more familiar touch screen. Pre-loaded texts can also be quickly sent to reassure loved ones, such as ‘reached waypoint, all OK’ if weather or fatigue precludes a more detailed message. A dedicated ‘SOS’ button automatically links the device with the nearest rescue co-ordination centre, and gives your position, allowing a conversation to continue by text.

The inReach SE and inReach Explorer both use the Iridium constellation of 66 geostationary satellites, the largest and most dependable network available, and the only one offering total global coverage. 

Both models can only be operated via an official subscription, and as a market leader in cost-effective satellite communications, GTC is able to offer a range of affordable plans perfectly tailored to suit anticipated usage. The plans can easily be upgraded at any time with no additional set up fees, and you can also downgrade a plan if your needs change, so whether you’re embarking on a globe trotting sabbatical, or just a single Atlantic crossing, GTC can pair you with the ideal package. The units are also available for rental.

The SE and Explorer both have a range of optional accessories, including a portable solar charger, a recharging hub, and an armoured flotation case. With a battery life of around 100 hours, a compact housing and weighing just 6.7 ounces, both models are easy to carry in a backpack, a pocket, or stowed at a navigation station, and concerned parents are also buying them for their children in areas with patchy phone coverage. Whether you want to send an LOL or an SOS, with the inReach Explorer you will never be lost or out of touch, even when in the middle of Antarctica.


  • DeLorme inReach Explorer – £240.00 excluding VAT
  • DeLorme inReach SE – £187.50 excluding VAT

Contracts available from:

Technical Specifications:

Model: DeLorme inReach Explorer

  • Size: 5.83in x   2.46in x 1.04in (14.8cm x 62.4cm x 2.64cm)
  • Weight: 6.7oz/ 190g
  • Battery: 3.7V 2,450mAh Lithium Polymer
  • Battery life: 100 hours (10 min tracking mode – extendable)
  • Operating temp: -20C to +60C / -4F to 140F
  • Waterproofing: IP67 (30 mins immersion to 1 metre)
  • GPS accuracy: +/- 5m
  • Compatibility: Pairs with Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth
  • Confirmations: Audible delivery alerts, led lights and on screen cues
  • Warranty: 2 years 

Key Features:

  • 100% global coverage via Iridium satellite network
  • Colour screen for overview of journey, including planned route
  • Built-in GPS to mark key locations and leave ‘breadcrumb trail’
  • Navigate in real time with current position and pre-loaded waypoints
  • Digital compass provides heading, bearing, elevation and speed
  • Create 160-character text from virtual keyboard, or paired mobile device
  • Send and receive SMS or email texts to and from preloaded email addresses
  • Post to Facebook or Twitter accounts with map info
  • Push-button SOS alert delivered to the GEOS international response centre
  • Turn on/off shared tracking for family and friends
  • Free app for smartphone users enables unlimited free map downloads
  • Pairing transforms mobile phone/device into a global satellite communicator
  • Automatic synching with mobile device’s address book
  • Pre-defined messages save time for anticipated situations
  • Affordable monthly or annual subscriptions through GTC
  • Rental available for single trips