Garmin showcased latest marine ranges at Seawork International 2015

Garmin showcased latest marine ranges at Seawork International 2015

Garmin showcased latest marine ranges at Seawork International 2015

Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation, showcased its comprehensive range of marine navigation and wireless devices at Seawork, designed for commercial marine boats such as RIBs, fishing boats and workboats as well as for individuals working within the sector. From innovative new sonar systems to advanced marine instruments, Garmin designs, develops and manufactures a vast range of marine products that are built to last. New products on display at Seawork included the Panoptix All-Seeing Sonar, the GPSMAP 7400 series, the GHP Reactor Autopilot Series, the GT series scanning transducers and GSD 25, Garmin’s new scanning sonar black box. 

Panoptix All Seeing Sonar

image008.jpgPanoptix is an intuitive multi-beam transducer that uses a phased-array scanning sonar technology, ideal for the offshore commercial marine market. This state of the art technology gives you the ability to see all around your vessel in real time – forwards, backwards, sideways and downwards, even while the boat is stationary. Equipped with Garmin’s RealVü 3D technology, Panoptix scans all around the boat and creates forward-looking 3D views of the bottom, structure and fish. In addition, Garmin’s LiveVü provides the user with ‘live video’ style visuals, allowing you to monitor real-time moving sonar images in front of and below the boat.

GPSMAP 7400 Series

Garmin has introduced new additions to its innovative range of multifunction displays (MFDs). The units are offered in sonar and non-sonar versions and feature CHIRP DownVü and SideVü. The GPSMAP 7400 series is a premier line that streamlines high performance, usability and superior boating features with a renowned interface that makes any time on the GPSMAP 7407water more productive and enjoyable.  The GPSMAP 7400 series encompasses the same performance and dependability customers have grown to expect from the GPSMAP range. With full pinch-to-zoom touchscreen capabilities, these devices integrate features that are essential in commercial marine and offshore environments. Full-network compatibilities allow the user to add sensors, multiple screens, remote sonar modules, weather, radar, autopilot, thermal and IP camera visibility, digital switching and more. All units in the GPSMAP 7400 series also offer the conveniences of built-in WiFi connectivity for use with the Garmin Helm™ and BlueChart Mobile 2.0 apps. Garmin has also recently announced the addition of 16-inch MFDs to the GPSMAP 7400 series.

GHP Reactor Autopilot Series

Reactor Steer by Wire CorepackGarmin’s recently launched GHP Reactor Autopilot Series with 9 axis AHARS, developed originally for Garmin’s aviation autopilot, is the most responsive autopilot on the water. Designed to mount nearly anywhere and in any orientation, the GHP Reactor Autopilot Series sets the standard for performance, ease-of-use and safety while minimising set up and commissioning time. 

GSD 25 GSD 25 is Garmin’s recently introduced scanning sonar black box. The GSD 25 is a premium sonar module that offers traditional sonar, 1kW CHIRP, CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonar for a versatile, all-in-one black box.  The GSD 25 is the ultimate solution for the boater or angler that requires both scanning capabilities and traditional sonar.  Incorporating DownVü and SideVü, the clearest scanning sonar on the water, with true, dual 1kW CHIRP, the GSD 25 helps provide a crystal clear image with excellent target separation and location without the need for multiple black boxes.

GT Series Scanning Transducers

The GT21/40/41 series of all-in-one transducers complement the newest echoMAP products and come with an in-hull or transom-mount option. The GT21 series provides DownVü scanning sonar at 260/455kHZ and traditional sonar at 50/200kHz, offering an optimised experience for rough conditions and depth performance. For a clearer image in shallower depths, the transom-mounted, all-in-one GT40 offers both SideVü and DownVü scanning sonar at 455/800kHz, while also providing traditional sonar at 77/200kHz. The GT41 transducer series provides an all-in-one option optimised for saltwater by offering SideVü and DownVü scanning sonar at 260/455kHz and traditional sonar at 50/200kHz. In addition to being fully compatible with the GT21/40/41 series, the GPSMAP series also receives new dedicated scanning transducer options with the GT50/51. Available in both thru-hull or transom style, the GT50/51 are all-in-one transducers that offer DownVü, SideVü and CHIRP sonar. For shallow waters, the GT50 runs DownVü and SideVü at 455/800kHz and CHIRP at 80/160kHz. For deeper waters and potentially rougher conditions, the GT51 scans 260/455kHz for DownVü and SideVü and 80/160kHz for CHIRP.  To find out more about Garmin’s innovative product ranges, please visit: