Dometic to launch Titan chiller with new titanium condenser at IBEX

Dometic to launch Titan chiller with new titanium condenser at IBEX

Dometic to launch Titan chiller with new titanium condenser at IBEX

New chiller is first for the leisure boat market to feature condenser coils made of titanium to protect against erosion and corrosion

Dometic Marine will showcase the Dometic Titan Chiller, which now incorporates a revolutionary new titanium tube condenser, at the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) in September.

The new Titan Chiller has the first and only chiller condenser coils made of titanium for the leisure boat market, making the units virtually immune to erosion and corrosion.

“Dometic research and testing has revealed that titanium makes far more robust and long-lasting condenser tubes for yacht chillers,” said Julien Le Feuvre, Head of Marine OEM – EMEA, Dometic.

“The Titan’s new condenser eliminates the problem of corrosion from barnacles and other invasive marine life, and holds up to harsh acidic cleaning far better than cupronickel.”

When crews use chemicals such as muriatic acid to clean a cupronickel condenser, the cleaning solution itself can erode the walls of the tubes which can result in catastrophic chiller failure, according to Dometic chemical engineer Dan Smith, who conducted extensive testing on different condenser metals. He commented: “This is why we sought to find a material that would resist marine corrosion, while at the same time be able to withstand cleaning with solutions such as muriatic acid. Titanium fit the bill.”

After two years of extensive research, testing, and design, Dometic’s engineers have succeeded in developing an innovative patent-pending method that replaces cupronickel tubes with titanium tubes. The unique design enables the difficult connection between the titanium inner tube and the exterior tube. Dometic’s smooth-tube Titan chillers are the only product in the leisure marine industry to successfully eliminate cupronickel, making them virtually immune to erosion and corrosion.

Confident in the superior durability of its titanium condensers, Dometic is including a 5-year warranty on the Titan condenser.

“This is a fundamental shift for the pleasure boat market that will have a huge impact on the way future chillers are designed and manufactured,” said Le Feuvre. “The Titan with titanium condenser tubes is easier to clean and maintain, and will last longer than units made with cupronickel. Boat owners make a significant investment in their chiller system, so extending the life of the unit brings comfort and peace of mind.”

Attendees at IBEX, which will be held from 15th to 17th September in Louisville, Kentucky, will be able to see the new Titan Chiller with titanium condenser at Booth 1943. To view a video of the unit, click

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