Dometic Marine introduces VARC48 Variable Capacity Chiller at Southampton Boat Show

Dometic Marine introduces VARC48 Variable Capacity Chiller at Southampton Boat Show

Dometic Marine introduces VARC48 Variable Capacity Chiller at Southampton Boat Show

Innovative VARC48 chiller and Sea Xchange watermakers included in this year’s line-up of marine equipment – Southampton Boat Show, 11th to 20th September, Stand G081

Dometic Marine introduces the innovative Dometic VARC48 Variable Capacity Chiller for the first time at this year’s Southampton Boat Show.

Reducing energy costs for boat owners and the size of generator needed on-board, the VARC48 offers innovative chiller efficiency as the first chiller of its kind to adjust capacity output based on the current load demand.

Ideal for a range of leisure boats, the variable capacity chiller provides just the right amount of necessary cooling or heating, reducing energy consumption and harsh in-rush currents to the boat’s generator.

It operates smoothly, steadily and quietly, at a variable output from 12,000 to 48,000 BTUs, providing the right amount of cooling needed for the actual load. Instead of turning on or off, the new Dometic VARC48 modulates its speed to meet thermal load demand. By precisely balancing output to load, the swing (hysteresis) in loop water temperature is minimised. The PLC (Power Logic Control) has a unique algorithm that modulates speed with thermal load.

Julien Le Feuvre, Head of Marine OEM – EMEA, Dometic, said: “The advanced design and engineering of the VARC48 will offer our customers significant benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings compared to other chillers. The VARC48 is smoother, quieter and more efficient, modulating its speed to meet thermal load demand and reducing electrical load fluctuations.”

As Dometic continues to expand its presence in the watermakers’ market, the company will highlight its Sea Xchange Sea Water Reverse Osmosis system at this year’s show.

The Dometic Sea Xchange uses a conventional reverse-osmosis process to convert seawater into drinking water and is perfect for long voyages or when travelling to destinations without reliable water supplies. The water can also be used for making ice, cooking, cleaning and bathing.

Featuring a compact design, high-quality components and a user-friendly interface, the watermaker system comes in four models – the SX600, with a daily capacity of 600 gallons (US)/2,271 litres, the SX1200 (1,200 gallons/4,542 litres a day), the SX1800 (1,800 gallons/6,813 litres a day) and the SX2200 (2,200 gallons/8,328 litres a day).

Each unit is 47cm x 122cm x 61cm. Weight ranges from 65 kg for the lowest-capacity SX600 unit to 80 kg for the highest-capacity SX2200 unit.

Dometic’s stand will also feature a new display of its Ship Wide Ventilation product range, including Mist Eliminators, Dampers, Fans and Actuators.

The marine engine room ventilation systems and components are designed to improve safety on board by reducing the risk of over-heating of machinery which can result in fires or cause components to fail. The products can also help extend engine life and optimise performance and efficiency for a range of vessels.

“Our customised ship-wide ventilation equipment, along with the huge range of Dometic’s rugged, innovative marine products, provides our customers with a single point of contact for purchasing, implementation and worldwide service,” said Paul Hickinbotham, Director EMEA – Sales and Administrations & Commercial Division, Dometic. “OEMs can trust Dometic’s dedicated engineers, sales force and service team to focus on personalised service and smooth implementation.”

The Dometic VARC48 won an IBEX Innovation Award in the Mechanical Systems category at this year’s International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX).

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