British Electric Boatbuilder Enters the Quiet Boating Revolution

British Electric Boatbuilder Enters the Quiet Boating Revolution

British Electric Boatbuilder Enters the Quiet Boating Revolution

British electric boatbuilder, Neva Group, has announced the development of a ground-breaking new range of innovative electric day boats and tenders that have been designed to offer clean and quiet technology without compromising on style and performance. The zero-carbon Pixii™ range is 100% electric and built using recyclable materials to deliver the next generation of pleasure boats.

Inspired by Hippolyte Pixii, a scientific instrument maker from Paris who built the first apparatus for generating an alternating current from a rotating magnet, Pixii® electric boats are the brainchild of the Neva Group’s three co-founders, Daniel Simpson, Paul Luscombe, and Charles Hall, who identified an opportunity to create a new range of sustainable boats to help alleviate further environmental degradation to our world’s oceans.

The key driver of the Pixii brand is the creation of an exceptional range of state-of-the-art electric boats for a new generation of boaters who long for environmental connection and a sense of tradition. The new Pixii SP (Self and Planet) range has been designed to lessen the harmful environmental impact of boating whilst maximising the joy of being on the water.

Aluminium has been chosen for the hull construction, making it lightweight and robust as well as 100% recyclable. Robust second-life batteries give exceptional power density for their size and weight. Propulsion from state-of-the-art waterjet drives delivers a fast, efficient, and near-silent driving experience with no exposed propellers and exceptional shallow water access. A remote anchoring solution allows you to disembark on the beach then use your phone to drive the boat out into deeper water and deploy the anchor. Solar panels are used to power domestic batteries for onboard utilities such as fridges and audio systems.

The company’s figurehead, Managing Director Charles Hall, said: “Covid-19 has forced an acceleration of the fourth industrial revolution, which is really good news for the advancement of smarter technology. By investing in a business that creates a positive impact on the environment, we are delighted to be part of this new wave of cleaner boating. We are extremely proud to launch the Pixii range and wave the British flag for zero-emission boating.”

The Pixii hull has been designed by Whitehouse Yacht Design, and the elegant lines combine the practical attributes of a tough, reliable SUV for the sea with the style and comfort of a cutting-edge tender or day boat. The Pixii® SP 750, the first model to be introduced to the range, has an estimated top speed of close to 40 knots and a run time of 8-10 hours at 12-14 knots – enough for a full day out on the water.

With an anticipated 90% reduction in maintenance and running costs, upgrades to Pixii’s electrical specification are also being offered to customers and OEMs that want to convert their existing vessels for economic and environmental benefits. The SP range is also being adapted for the utility and workboat markets for use in harbours, marinas, and offshore renewable vessels.

Prices of the Pixii SP 750 start from £150,000 inc. VAT for the base hull and drivetrain package, rising to around £260,000 inc. VAT for a fully specified twin-engine luxury day boat or performance tender. The first customer sea trials are expected to take place in spring 2021.

To find out more about the new Pixii SP 750, follow its development and join the quiet revolution, visit or contact Charles Hall on [email protected]