Barton Marine announces its Boomstrut has been made “race legal” by the Folkboat Association

Barton Marine announces its Boomstrut has been made “race legal” by the Folkboat Association

Leading global supplier of sail and deck hardware, Barton Marine, is proud to announce its Boomstrut has been made race legal by the Folkboat Assocation.

Within the folkboat fleet, almost 50 boats based in Lymington and the Solent have been trialling Barton Marine’s Boomstrut for racing. Although the product has been used for a long time, the new accreditation means more sailors can use the hardware to improve their sailing.

Barton Marine’s Boomstrut can be fitted extremely easily and in conjunction with existing boat hardware, and offers sailors a cost-effective way to eliminate the problem of boom control. It is made with non-corroding material throughout providing longevity and making exceptional durability. Designed with a patented flexing spring, the Boomstrut gives users a fast response whilst ensuring almost constant upward force on the boom.

Tony Blachford, Secretary of the Folkboat Association, comments on the announcement, saying, “We are thrilled to make this announcement about Barton Marine’s Boomstrut. Our counterparts in Germany and Denmark have been using and trialling this product extensively over the last year, so it’s great to now be able to share this with the Folkboat class. We have already received great interest in the product and look forward to more positive feedback over the coming season.”

The Boomstrut is also proven to reduce the risk of accidents and damage on board – for both crew and the boat. The maintenance free, durable design eliminates friction and sliding parts whilst delivering improved performance alongside reduced weight and wind resistance.

Suzanne Blaustone, Chief Executive of Barton Marine, comments, “The announcement by the Folkboat Association that the Boomstrut has race legal status is a true bonus for Folkboat racers and leisure sailors. We know many vessels within this class have been using the Boomstrut for a long time, so it’s a positive move for the fleet. Controlling the boom when reefing or lowering the mainsail is essential, and a swinging boom, especially in heavy winds or large waves, can be very dangerous – so we’re confident sailors can now reduce injuries at sea and enhance their performance on the water.”

For more information about the Folkboat Association, please visit: www.folkboats.com

For more information about Barton Marine and its range of products, please visit: www.bartonmarine.com