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Seaway Powell introduce Precision Technology UK Ltd

Seaway Powell introduce Precision Technology UK Ltd

Seaway Powell Marine Ltd., designer and manufacturer of hydraulic systems for the marine sector, is pleased to introduce Precision Technology (Engineered Solutions) UK Ltd.

Owner of the PT Group Chris Oswald said, “The creation of Precision Technology UK formalises a shift in corporate strategy that has been under way for several years. As part of our focus on innovation and the introduction of our Actuator manufacturing facilities into Great Britain, we decided it was appropriate to rebrand our total business operations in the UK to be in line with this strategy.”

Precision Technology UK Ltd is a new entity which is now up and running and will soon be on the internet at The old trading style of “Seaway Powell Marine Ltd” will gradually be phased out over the next few months as we introduce the new Precision Technology brand.  The name Seaway Powell Marine will continue as a brand under the Precision Technology UK umbrella.

Precision Technology UK Ltd contact details are currently the same as for Seaway Powell Marine, we will keep you updated with the changes as they happen.

For further information please contact:-

Janine Williams on 01747 858585 or [email protected]