Mastervolt’s CEO Ton de Winter with Super B’s CEO Tim Tiek

Mastervolt and Super B join forces

Mastervolt and Super B join forces

Mastervolt and Super B are delighted to announce they will join forces to bring the world’s best Lithium-Ion batteries and system solutions to the market. Initially, the cooperation between the two Dutch companies will focus on integrating Super B’s new Epsilon Lithium Iron Phosphate 12V 90Ah/1200Wh battery with Mastervolt’s best-in-class power management systems. The Epsilon is Super B’s fifth generation Lithium platform and is the result of their dedicated development of state-of-the-art, safe and efficient Lithium batteries. Mastervolt completes this offering with their top-line power management systems, consisting of chargers, inverters, digital switching and more. Through this powerful combination anyone – be it a company or an individual – looking to benefit from the outstanding qualities of Lithium technology will be able to find their desired solution. Via a retail shop or an experienced installer, in any location in the world. 

The cooperation is part of Mastervolt’s strategic direction of providing value adding collaboration and integration with other leading brands in its industries. Mastervolt’s CEO Ton de Winter is confident it will bring great synergy: “Super B has developed a great product with their Epsilon battery, making sure the superior Lithium Iron Phosphate cell technology is combined with integrated battery management that ensures safety and ease of use at the same time. With its capacity and size it fills a gap in our existing line of Lithium-Ion batteries, providing us with a more complete offering next to the MLS and MLI Ultra series which we will keep offering and developing. Integrating this product in a Mastervolt power system guarantees an optimal, low weight energy solution for any kind of electric application. Our distribution and service channels, aided by our remote connectivity platform Amperian, will ensure customers around the world ‘the power to be independent’ without having to think about it, whether out on the water or on the road.” 

Delighted to see their Epsilon  integrated in Mastervolt systems, Super B’s CEO Tim Tiek said: “Mastervolt has proven to have extensive expertise in power systems in various markets. We are convinced their system knowledge and our batteries are a perfect combination when it comes to giving customers the power to be in charge. The Super B Epsilon is already very popular because it offers superior weight reduction, enormous energy reserves and stable voltage even at extreme loads. By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, the battery provides enormous power for full freedom on the go. Mastervolt’s excellent channels to market and system know-how help us to offer customers all over the world a safe, reliable and low weight energy solution.”


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