Stage 2 winner Greenings has covered the most nautical miles in a 24-hour period

Coppercoat: Clipper Race Record Breaker

Coppercoat: Clipper Race Record Breaker

With The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race yachts coated for the first time with Coppercoat antifouling, the competing yachts have started setting new Clipper Race records. Stage 2 winner Greenings has covered the most nautical miles in a 24-hour period, after notching up 329 nautical miles on Day 9.

To achieve the consistent high speeds required to cover great 24-hour distances, the hull must be super clean and hydro-dynamically efficient. Coppercoat has been shown to prevent the kind of fouling build up that can plague yachts sailing in the mid-latitudes. The entire Clipper 2017-18 Race fleet has been Coppercoated which will not only protect the yachts for longer but also provide the smooth surface required to maintain sailing efficiency throughout the race.

Coppercoat Director Ewan Clark commented: “We would like to congratulate the Greenings crew for an excellent job in breaking the 24-hour distance record for the Clipper Race. This is the first time the yachts have raced with Coppercoat hull protection and we are delighted that the performance of our product is meeting expectations. I am sure this will not be the last record of this exciting and challenging race.”

Unlike traditional antifoul paints, Coppercoat is made from a combination of solvent-free epoxy resin and high purity (99%) recycled copper, making it the strongest copper based antifouling available. Coppercoat exposes active copper to protect the yachts surface from any fouling organisms that the Clipper Race fleet will endure during the race around the globe. In addition, the smooth surface provided by Coppercoat will deliver less drag from its long lasting clean hull, which will achieve better performance during the eleven-month competition.