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Hunton Yachts Ltd and Rib-X Ltd announce a 3 year Joint Venture

Hunton Yachts Ltd and Rib-X Ltd announce a 3 year Joint Venture

Hunton Yachts Ltd and Rib-X Ltd have today announced a joint venture to produce the Hunton range of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

The joint venture constitutes a profit share agreement, combining the manufacturing skills of Rib-X with the design, and technology of Hunton.  Under the 3 year agreement, Rib-X will manufacture the Hunton ribs and both companies will jointly market & sell the product. 

Hunton currently has two models in its tender range the 1005 10m and the 830 8m rib.

Hunton, known for their race-proven hulls and outstanding performance have enjoyed a stellar reputation for sea handling & craftsmanship since their inception in 1979. Rib-X’s strive for perfection, combined with continuous research and development, has made them a global premier brand of Rigid Inflatable Boats.

Both companies see this joint venture as the perfect collaboration to further developing the Hunton brand in the international arena, appealing as both superyacht tenders and luxury day boats.

RibX was formed over 10 years ago by the current CEO Colin Baldwin. Colin was formerly a Research and Development Engineer for Jaguar cars so has an eye for innovative designs and quality products and Colin continues these values into his Rib business, always striving for the best possible solution.

The Rib X boats, once designed are put through rigorous long term testing in a variety of conditions and locations, from the North Sea to the notorious Southern Cape,  to ensure that every Rib  is built to last and will give every new owner years of enjoyment on the water.

Hunton Yachts is a British boating phenomenon, building unique luxury yachts in the UK to the highest standards. These fine craft are designed using the latest technology to the finest premium specifications for yacht connoisseurs. A blend of superb styling, looks, pedigree, performance and luxury unavailable elsewhere. 

Hunton started in 1979, winning many awards and countless championships is now regarded as the greatest independent British yachting brand in the world. Innovation and experimentation have been at the heart of Hunton’s philosophy for almost forty years. Driven by an uncompromising quest for excellence, Hunton is committed to building the best boats of its generation. 

The Hunton range also includes the XRS43 luxury yacht, with a race inspired deep V stepped hull, powerful clean lines, a sleek sexy exterior and a supremely luxurious interior, with a spacious salon, well appointed galley and double berth. Leather upholstery and bespoke design comes as standard.

Hunton will soon be announcing exciting developments regarding the new Hunton 55, which is a game changer in terms of design and luxury yachting, offering a unique blend of artistic creativity, technology, craftsmanship and excitement, defining the future of Hunton and the next generation of luxury motor yachts.

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